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Show Me the Mickey!

Well – I’m doin’ it.  I’ve been in a rut long enough now.  Time to shake things up and git to gettin’ happy!

(First, I have to admit – I absolutely freaked out a little while ago.  My blood pressure went up, I started to shake and I felt like I was going to pass out, all because I updated the OS on my mac!  I started thinking about all the stuff I don’t have backed up!  Does anyone else do that?!?  Good Lord, I thought I would jump out of my skin waiting for this thing to update.  Thankfully, it’s all still here!  UGH!  Can you say heart attack!?!?  Yeah, not a good way to go out for sure!  Anyway…here’s my happy!)

The last couple nights, while lying in bed NOT being able to sleep, the gears were a-grindin’.  ‘What sounds good, fun, exciting!?’  I’ve been toying with the idea of a cruise for a while now.  It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been on one.  Just few months ago, I posed the question on my personal FB page, ‘what cruise line do you recommend?’ and after a few posts, I started my research there.  Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Celebrity were all mentioned – even Carnival, but I know better than that!  I started looking and pretty quickly thought I’d made a decision.  Then – somehow for some reason – Disney came to mind.

Now let me give a brief background here about my relationship with Disney.  I have a long term love affair with WDW that started when I was about 2.  I have always loved Disney, suffice it to say – a lot, whole bunches with my heart and soul.  I won’t go into too many details because I’ll start to get emotional and probably won’t be able to finish this post.  Over the last few years I allowed my love affair with Disney to die a peaceful death when my ex started going on a regular basis with his current wife.

There’s a LOT of sadness and a LOT of baggage there.  I mean, it was my most favorite vacation destination EVER!  But in the last 10+ years, I’ve been only once, for an afternoon, with my girls.  My youngest daughter’s face in the photo below tells you exactly how I felt about being there at the time.

But now, I’ve come to the realization that I’m tired of allowing the old to disturb the new, I’m sick of missing out on the fun and the good times, all because of something I can’t and couldn’t control.  I miss Disney, I miss the fun, the colors, the movies, the rides, the attachment to a place that was always so good to me, I miss the resorts, the food, the monorail, I miss the anticipation and excitement of planning, I miss the hospitality and I miss the awesome, personalized customer service!  Screw it, I’m not missing any more!  I started reading the cruise reviews and all of them are exactly like I left them 10 years ago – Top Drawer – without question – they are – the Premier in Pampering!  And by God, I am so ready to be pampered!!  My decision was made…but first I had to clear it with the gang.

I was a bit hesitant about approaching the 15 year old, as ya just never know.  It’s hit or miss during the teen years.  I was surprised when it was my 14 year old that was like, “eh, I don’t know Mom, that sounds kinda babyish”.  But then I hit her with the Teen Club thing and she was in.  As of this morning, I have everyone I need on board!  I’m in this and I’m so totally excited!!  My 15 year old said, “and you can get married on the ship!”  Say what did you say?!  Hey…yeah…we could do that!!  Because Disney’s all about making Fairy Tales come true!



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Smoked Turkey & Summer Vacation

Good morning fellow bloggers!  I’m going to do my best in the next couple weeks to bring this blog up to speed on current events!  I’ve really been slacking!  My prolonged absence was due to our summer vacation originally, then school and other life events just seem to keep coming!

First, let me pass this delicious recipe on to you that I tried recently.  Although I couldn’t bribe anyone else to eat it, I thoroughly enjoyed this sandwich!  If you like turkey and cranberry sauce, I suggest giving this a try for something a bit different!

Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Sandwiches
Betty Crocker’s New Eat and Lose Weight Cookbook

1/3 c. fat free cream cheese, softened
1/3 c. whole berry cranberry sauce
8 slices whole grain bread (I really like Healthfull by Oroweat)
6 oz. deli style fat free smoked turkey (I used Dietz & Watson)
4 lettuce leaves

Mix cream cheese and cranberry sauce.  Spread over bread slices.  Place turkey & lettuce on bread slices.  Top with remaining bread.  Enjoy!

In June, we had a wonderful, relaxing, two week summer vacation.  We didn’t set the world on fire, but it sure was nice to get away for a while.  Once we arrived at our destinations, we pretty much stayed put.  We didn’t explore, we didn’t hit any tourist destinations, we just enjoyed our immediate surroundings.  And thankfully I was afforded a chance to visit with some friends that I haven’t seen in over 20 years!  Because of that alone made it a successful vacation for me!

I won’t go into too many details so as to not bore you to tears if you’re reading, but our main destinations were Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I have friends and I hadn’t been since 1999.  Tybee, Georgia where we visit every year and for the first time ever, Clearwater, Florida.  We spent four relaxing days at each destination and we spent most of our time people watching, walking and eating – with of course, a little bit of shopping, drinking and visiting with friends and family!!


We met some great people on vacation, had some great food and just basically enjoyed what took place day by day.  I think next year, we’ll settle for visiting only one or two destinations, since hitting three with such distances between them were a little much.  Now with school back in session and everyone back on somewhat of a schedule, I should be able to catch up fairly quickly!