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Menu Monday

Just a word of advice for March, you can go ahead and cut the crap and start following suit with February.  She behaved herself and showed mercy; weather in the 60’s and 70’s, warm enough to play outdoors, ride bikes and to actually enjoy “winter”.  You can take your wind and the rest of your 20 degree days and stick ’em!  I’m really over you and we’re only a few days in…

Anyway, enough about controlling Mother Nature, let’s talk strategy.  I have approximately 20 lbs. to lose by June, to do so, I need to strategize something that’s actually going to work with my out of control eating – well, it’s not really out of control.  It’s more like, not consistent.  I go a couple days doing SO well and then – it’s on.  Sweets, wine, fast food even, just overeating in general, exercise slacks off, don’t drink my water, ya know…just fall back into the old habits which ensure that I do not lose a pound – ever.  Not really working for me.  The last week or so I’ve done fairly well, only 2 days of not eating properly and both coincide with my BMA* (baby making’ abilities).  Reality is, I do great for about two weeks out of the month and then I bomb the other two weeks, all because of my BMA.  I figured that out a while back and haven’t quelled it yet.

To stop making rushed decisions when I’m starving, I’ve decided to food prep.  I have tried it, but of course, follow through is needed and I’m very short on that.  I make it and then wind up eating something else.  I’m going give it another try and see if I’m successful at losing weight and eating what I make!  I’m working on making homemade chicken salad now, I’m going to boil some eggs, cut up some fruit and veggies and have it with some chicken broth.  I can and will do this!  I’ll take some photos as I go today and post them here later.

This is my dinner menu this week for the family.  Thought I’d share this as well, sometimes I wind up eating something different than I plan for them depending on the fat/carb content and especially if I chose to have a glass of wine while I cook dinner!

Beef Sunday: Tomato Beef Country Casserole

Fish/Seafood Monday: 20 Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp & Miso Wonton Soup

Pork Tuesday:  Low Carb Pork Loin Piccata

Chicken Wednesday: Jalepeno Popper Chicken

Ethnic Thursday: Thai Inspired Hot Dogs

Soup/Salad/Sandwich Friday: Baked Mustard, Ham & Cheese Sliders & Tomato Basil Soup

Eat Out or Kids Choice Saturday: No decisions or ideas yet!

This morning I’m taking the youngest to the clinic.  Last night she “fell” off the bed and hit the top of her foot on the nightstand hard enough to make it swell and give her a limp.  Just want to make sure it’s nothing serious.  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!



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Decided to cut the crap and head over to the clinic for this pain in my shoulder.  The spasm part is the worst, it’s like having one of those annoying eye twitches, all down your left side.  Ugh.


(The Dr. came in while I was typing that paragraph.)  He did a couple reflex tests, you know – those icky kinds where they hit your knee with that little rubber hammer thing that makes your leg jump…yeah.  He thumped my left wrist and I jumped about 2″ off the table.  He informed me then that I am officially suffering from a radiculopathy. (Sounds like ridicule opathy)  The nerve from my neck is inflamed and that affects my entire upper left side from my neck to my wrist.  “Armed” with that bit of information, he handed me a prescription for steroids for the inflammation and a muscle relaxer so I could sleep.  Good enough, least I know it’s not my heart or anything too serious.

Ran around like a crazy person trying to finish everything that was on my list before heading home to cook dinner.  Managed to hit most of my stores and grabbed some great sale prices!  I picked up some hamburger meat from the really over priced, but better tasting, healthier meat market, some buns & tater tots from Wal-Mart and managed to get myself to the drug store to fill my prescriptions…all before anyone arrived home!

Once home, the girls and I had a lovely conversation about teen pregnancy, birth control and abortion.  I had 2 glasses of wine and ate a couple muscle relaxers.  No advent was attempted, I was simply happy to lie down.