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Liebster Award! What what?


Sooo… I woke up this morning to find that Xiomara from It’s Friday let’s Bake had nominated my blog for a Liebster Award – how awesome is that?!!  Thank you so much Xiomara!

If you haven’t, please take the time to visit her blog and check out some of her gorgeous desserts and baked goods!  This fellow “Hoosier transplant” really knows how to make your mouth water!

I have to admit, I had to read up on what a Liebster Award was all about but now that I have a better idea, I’m so very excited to be nominated and look forward to other’s answers!


  1.  I am an East Coast girl.
  2.  I have moved 12 times in my life.
  3.  My favorite vacation destinations are Disney World and Las Vegas.
  4.  I LOVE to cook and try new foods.
  5.  I have lost 80+ lbs. in three years.
  6.  I have never had a broken bone (knock on wood).
  7.  The best friend I have now, I’ve known since Kindergarten.
  8.  I met my significant other online.
  9.  I didn’t start eating green peppers until I was 43 years old.
  10.  My girls grew up in the same house that I grew up in.
  11.  I’m an only child.


Q. Why did you start blogging?  A. Originally I started blogging to write down things I didn’t want to forget, but some how it morphed into more of a food blog, hence the tag line about making up my mind.
Q. Assuming money was not an issue, what is the one thing you’re dying to do?  A. Travel.  I just want to travel.  Constantly, in every possible way to every possible place.  And safely! 
Q. What is one international food dish you would love to make or want to learn to make?  A. Sushi, that’s a pretty easy decision.  I’ve made it once and eh, it was ok, but I’d like to make different kinds and be proficient at making it.
Q. What’s your favorite style of music?  A. I like all types of music, but my favorite style would have to be Top 40 – whatever is popular at the time.  My all time favorite music is 1970’s music, but I don’t think that’s a “style”.
Q. What is your favorite season and why?  A. Spring.  I love the temperatures that spring brings and it really is a rebirth.  I feel like all things are possible in the spring.
Q. Do you have any pets? If no, are there any pets you would like?  A. Oh yes, we have a dog, 3 cats and a fish!  I love all animals, but we’re pretty much up to capacity here!  I have always wanted a horse and a pig though!
Q. What’s the most important thing in your life?  A. My relationship with my children and with my better half.  They are my reason for living.
Q. What is your favorite dessert?  A.  That’s a tough question.  My favorite desserts are ones with creamy fillings, creme brûlée, eclairs.  I don’t think there’s actually a dessert I would turn down.
Q. Can you bake? Do you like to bake?  A.  I can bake and I love to bake!  Baking is my favorite and I know it’s my kids favorite!  I love to bake cookies and cupcakes especially but I’m not very good at baking cakes from scratch.  I always think they come out too dense, I like light and fluffy. 
Q. What are your hobbies?  A.  I don’t know that I really have hobbies any more since I bounce from one thing to another like I have ADHD, but I love to cook, bake, experiment in the kitchen, I love to take photos, I like to travel and read.  Life is really busy right now, planning for college, a wedding, vacations…all hobbies in some capacity I suppose.
Q. What have you read or listened to recently that touched you?  A. I’m reading a lot about preparing your children to leave for college, I think the realization that that time is coming up quickly is touching me – hard!  I become teary eyed at the thought that my babies aren’t babies anymore!  It’s kinda scary!


  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is the theme of the blogs you follow the most?
  3. Whom do you feel has been the biggest influence in your life?
  4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  5. What would be your last meal?
  6. If you could be known for one thing, what would it be?
  7. What was the last thing that made you really laugh out loud?
  8. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
  9. Do you drink – beer, wine or liquor?  If so what?
  10. Do you think you’ll still be blogging 10 years from now?
  11. What’s your favorite thing to do when you have down time to yourself?

10 Liebster Award Nominations (in no particular order)! – warm kitchen; great food – enjoying motherhood together – organic cooking; from scratch baking – inspiring tasty cooking & DIY for a busy life – living low carb for a healthier me! – living the sweet life one Saturday at a time – shedding the emotional blubber – marriage, mayhem and mirth – photographs by Brian Brown

The Official Rules Of The Liebster Award:

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Show Me the Mickey!

Well – I’m doin’ it.  I’ve been in a rut long enough now.  Time to shake things up and git to gettin’ happy!

(First, I have to admit – I absolutely freaked out a little while ago.  My blood pressure went up, I started to shake and I felt like I was going to pass out, all because I updated the OS on my mac!  I started thinking about all the stuff I don’t have backed up!  Does anyone else do that?!?  Good Lord, I thought I would jump out of my skin waiting for this thing to update.  Thankfully, it’s all still here!  UGH!  Can you say heart attack!?!?  Yeah, not a good way to go out for sure!  Anyway…here’s my happy!)

The last couple nights, while lying in bed NOT being able to sleep, the gears were a-grindin’.  ‘What sounds good, fun, exciting!?’  I’ve been toying with the idea of a cruise for a while now.  It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been on one.  Just few months ago, I posed the question on my personal FB page, ‘what cruise line do you recommend?’ and after a few posts, I started my research there.  Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Celebrity were all mentioned – even Carnival, but I know better than that!  I started looking and pretty quickly thought I’d made a decision.  Then – somehow for some reason – Disney came to mind.

Now let me give a brief background here about my relationship with Disney.  I have a long term love affair with WDW that started when I was about 2.  I have always loved Disney, suffice it to say – a lot, whole bunches with my heart and soul.  I won’t go into too many details because I’ll start to get emotional and probably won’t be able to finish this post.  Over the last few years I allowed my love affair with Disney to die a peaceful death when my ex started going on a regular basis with his current wife.

There’s a LOT of sadness and a LOT of baggage there.  I mean, it was my most favorite vacation destination EVER!  But in the last 10+ years, I’ve been only once, for an afternoon, with my girls.  My youngest daughter’s face in the photo below tells you exactly how I felt about being there at the time.


July 2007

But now, I’ve come to the realization that I’m tired of allowing the old to disturb the new, I’m sick of missing out on the fun and the good times, all because of something I can’t and couldn’t control.  I miss Disney, I miss the fun, the colors, the movies, the rides, the attachment to a place that was always so good to me, I miss the resorts, the food, the monorail, I miss the anticipation and excitement of planning, I miss the hospitality and I miss the awesome, personalized customer service!  Screw it, I’m not missing any more!  I started reading the cruise reviews and all of them are exactly like I left them 10 years ago – Top Drawer – without question – they are – the Premier in Pampering!  And by God, I am so ready to be pampered!!  My decision was made…but first I had to clear it with the gang.

I was a bit hesitant about approaching the 15 year old, as ya just never know.  It’s hit or miss during the teen years.  I was surprised when it was my 14 year old that was like, “eh, I don’t know Mom, that sounds kinda babyish”.  But then I hit her with the Teen Club thing and she was in.  As of this morning, I have everyone I need on board!  I’m in this and I’m so totally excited!!  My 15 year old said, “and you can get married on the ship!”  Say what did you say?!  Hey…yeah…we could do that!!  Because Disney’s all about making Fairy Tales come true!




Another Installment in the POS Collection*

*parental discretion is advised, strong language in use

I’m not a political person at all.  I don’t really understand it since it’s not based on common sense (obviously).  But I do believe I know right from wrong, which is what politics, laws and the rest of society should be taught and most importantly, made to follow.

I, like the rest of the modern world, have an opinion.  Sometimes I like to share my opinion with an audience because I think the subject is important and I do like to hear other’s opinions.  I especially enjoy reading common opinions of other’s to realize I’m not alone in my thinking.  Honestly, much of the time I feel alone with what I feel is straight up common sense, and a morality that seems to be way off course nowadays!  This world has changed a great deal since I was a kid and I can’t say it’s all been for the better.  People have simply lost their way.

The situation I speak of, that I find severely unjust and of great disturbance (and you should too), is this spoiled brat little jackass that’s been released from jail (and did I just type ‘jail’?  Because he damn sure should have been in prison!).

He RAPED a girl, he was smacked on the hand and then after three months, released to go home to mommy and daddy – seriously??!?  If anyone has ever heard or made fun of white privilege, well…this would be a PRIME example of how it comes down to that type of conversation!  I am inherently embarrassed by this!  And really, no one can be ok with this outcome, no matter what color you are.  Unless you are this kid’s parents (both of which are an embarrassment to the entire human race as well), you don’t want this guy living anywhere near you, white, black, red, yellow, green, purple, I don’t freakin’ care what color he is or how much money his parents have – this guy belongs in PRISON.  It’s an absolute disgrace that he’s not locked up behind bars.  He committed a heinous, unforgivable, unfixable crime.  The very least our shitty corrupt judicial system could do is pretend to give one rat’s ass about the woman he defiled and RAPED.  Six years – questionable, six months – laughable, thee months – absolutely absurd!

I have two daughters and I can’t even begin to imagine how I would feel, what her parents must feel?!  And believe it or not – this human being, this person, this woman that he RAPEDSHE MATTERS, HER LIFE IS IMPORTANT!  HER LIFE HAS BEEN FOREVER CHANGED!  I know what I think about him being let out and set free and I don’t know his victim from Adam.  To think that this could happen to any girl, any woman, any female, hell – anyone and the piece of shit be able to walk the streets freely after three months to do something like this again if the spirit moves him or he had a few drinks??  Really?!??!  I’m supposed to be ok with this??  Does COMMON SENSE have any place in our judicial system??  For a minute, forget money, forget color, forget good behavior…what he did CAN NOT BE FIXED OR FORGOTTEN! Should anyone be ok with this???  A mother or father with a daughter, a mother or father of a decent law abiding child that’s never committed a crime?  I am not ok with this.

There is just too much wrong with this entire story, I could go on and on for days about the injustices surrounding this case, but suffice it to say as a human being, a mother of daughters, a woman herself, that I find this whole situation extremely embarrassing, insulting, infuriating and disgusting.  That this POS is walking free with decent law abiding citizens (and MY children) just trying to make their way in this world, trying to do the right things and succeeding, pulling through and not inflicting pain or emotional turmoil on another!  How is this OK?

Once people like this SOB are set free to roam the streets amongst the rest of us, like it or not



** If you haven’t read the victim’s impact statement, I encourage you to.  This is every law abiding female victim’s story and the reason this shouldn’t ever be allowed to happen again!

Mom of the Year? Uhhh, no.


I saw this post on Facebook today and although I had a bit of a different take, the general sentiment was the same.  It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one.

I must say, I have to agree with Paula Bolyard when she writes: “…I realize that families are under siege in cities like Baltimore and there are few things harder than being a single mother raising a teenage boy in the inner city. Good parenting doesn’t come naturally and parents who didn’t have good role models growing up have few tools at their disposal. I suspect Toya Graham is doing the best she can in a really tough situation and she was probably terrified to see her son out in the street, knowing all too well what might happen to him. Her reaction is perfectly understandable. I’m not passing judgment on her — I haven’t walked in her shoes and I don’t know anything about her life save for a minute-long YouTube video. I’m just saying we shouldn’t be celebrating a parent losing her cool with her kid and the incident most certainly shouldn’t be propped up as the model of great parenting.”  

Yes, exactly.  I am certainly not passing judgement here either, I can only imagine what my feelings would be if I were in Ms. Graham’s situation.  I think she should be commended for caring and taking steps to fix one situation, but for her handling it and the public’s reaction to it, uh, not so much.  

One thing that no one seems to be considering is the original reason we now even know Ms. Graham, respect for the human race perhaps?  It’s fine and even commended, for a mother to slap her child in front of millions of people, but anger erupts at even the thought of a young man supposedly abused by the hands of others?  Does anyone see the correlation?

You know the metaphor about broken windows?  If you have an abandoned building and one window is broken by a throw of a rock, and no one fixes it, more than likely there will be more rocks thrown and more broken windows, because if you don’t care why should they?  Same with children.  You must take care and fix the window as to promote care and concern, not more destruction.

Oh the Embarrassment

How embarrassing is all of this? The American people should be hanging their heads in shame for allowing any of this. From the President all the way down to the kid having his ass beat by his mother on national T.V.

Since I’m originally from Maryland I feel like this rioting mess is happening at my back door. Essentially it is, since it could happen pretty much anywhere.

Here’s my take on this:

If this guy’s spine was ‘almost severed’ after being involved in a police scuffle or riding in the back of a wagon unsecured, the officers are 100% responsible. Unless this guy had previous injuries, which I’m pretty sure he didn’t if he was running from the police, then the officers involved in his arrest are responsible. The fact of the matter is the law should stand for both officers and citizens alike (and anyone else on this planet). You can’t be negligent. I’m not saying this scenario is exactly what took place, but if he was placed in the back of the wagon, cuffed and unsecured and broke his neck because of it, the officers were negligent and not simply negligent, but intentionally negligent. That’s a crime – in so many different ways. He’s a drug dealer, not a murderer. If he were a murderer would I feel different about the outcome? Yes – I would, but that’s another Oprah show.

I personally believe that all officers should wear body cameras, for their protection and the protection of those involved in arrests, traffic stops, etc. It would eliminate many of the questions that can arise from a situation such as this.

I am embarrassed by the Mayor of Baltimore, she gave these idiots permission to be criminals and to destroy property, she is PART of the problem.

I am in support of the Police Commissioner speaking of the embarrassment he feels by seeing what is taking place in his city.

Rioting, looting, burning and destroying property is simply an opportunity for criminals to get away with criminal activity. As you can see as these idiots break into stores – check cashing stores, liquor stores, cell phone stores, drug stores, convenience stores. Not just any store, but specific stores – that THEY shop in?!? They know they won’t be prosecuted. It’s part of the game that’s being played. Is it ok to break into someone’s store and destroy property? No, it’s not. It should be stated when something like this happens, if you begin or partake in illegal activity – busting out windows, setting fires, destroying property, etc. You will be shot. Two men at the doors, trained to shoot. Period. People at this point need a deterrent. Their destructive behavior needs to be stopped – immediately.

They have no idea the repercussions of their actions. All they have to do is drive around Baltimore and D.C. – after 50+ years, some of the destruction that took place during 1968 riots hasn’t been erased. This only cripples them and the people that own these businesses. The sad part is, their responsibility level is nil – that’s how criminals become criminals, there are NO penalties and if there are, they aren’t effective – obviously. If there is EVER a reason to use a gun, this would be it. Rubber bullets and beanbags now have a use, use them. They are missing their mark in law ENFORCEMENT. Common sense once again has eluded people.

And as much as I think that lady that was “smacking” her kid in the head in front of the TV cameras was hysterical, I’m thinking that she is just as much of a problem as her child that she’s whacking. She needed to teach him right and wrong long before he was able to stand out on the street in a hoodie becoming part of the problem instead of the solution. Smacking your child in the head and jerking him around on T.V. is not productive parenting nor should you be proud of it. It’s simply embarrassing and it shouldn’t be commended.

On the news now, residents and the community of Baltimore are coming together to clean up the streets. That is what people should be striving for and this is what they should want – for themselves, for their cities, for their children and their children’s children. It should be what they want to see, to believe in, to focus on. This is what the U.S. should be promoting and encouraging. Working together to make things better, to make people and society better. To make America and it’s people something they can be proud of. Isn’t that something we should all strive for?

Unfortunately this country has many issues that need addressing and until they are addressed properly with some common sense applied, these behaviors – by police, by criminals, by parents and by our leaders – will continue. It really is appalling to watch. Good luck America from where I’m sitting, you’re doing a fine job of embarrassing yourself. Get it together.

The P.O.S. Collection

This has been a hot topic all weekend and I, of course, just had to get in on it.  I have absolutely NO idea what’s wrong with people.  Who, in their right mind, thinks that THIS – any of this – is OK??  What type of person must you be?

First off, senseless killing, maiming or injuring of any type of animal should be illegal – period.  Whoever or wherever you are.  I could care less if it’s a common tree squirrel or an endangered rhino, if you hurt it or kill it – unless of course it’s an immediate threat to your well being – like you could DIE – then you should suffer the same fate as the animal you have injured or killed.  That should cut down on hunting some.  Swipe the weapon from you, hand it to the next guy in line and say, “good luck – hope you can run fast!”

I had a Facebook conversation with this moron about how big game hunting is big business and that I don’t understand and my head is in the sand and blah blah blah, but the fact is because it’s ok in Africa (and it’s NOT) and simply because it generates money (as I pointed out, so does drug dealing) does not make it A.O.K.  It just doesn’t make it ok.  It’s not ok to kill defenseless animals.  It’s not ok to not feed them or abuse them or chain them in your yard or torture them or sacrifice them.  If you think that it is ok to do those things, then you need to study the background of serial killers.  You need to be under observation and constant supervision, because there’s something wrong with you.

It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to pass a farm that’s all muddy with sickly, emaciated horses standing around looking like they’d rather be dead.  It makes me sick to see a dog chained up or penned in a tiny pen…what is the point of this?  Why would you have an animal to put it in a pen or tie it to a tree?  Please tell me, what is the point of owning the animal?

Where is the compassion, the sensibility and sensitivity to living things?  The FB moron that I had the conversation with said, “so a human life is less important than an animal’s life” – that wasn’t directed at me, but I’m here to tell you, it depends on the animal and it depends on the human.  And yes, some animals are more important than humans, just all depends on the person and the animal in question.

That “thing” that shot the cat in the head with a bow & arrow and declared she was awesome.  Well, I’m gonna guess no one but psychotic assholes think she’s awesome.  And I’m praying that she will NEVER have the opportunity to touch another animal EVER.  The United States needs to lay the groundwork for other countries instead of saying “oh yeah, good job on killing that beautiful animal for NO reason”.

I would love to have someone give a reasonable explanation for killing animals, one that really makes sense and is logical in its explanation.  Clubbing seals because a coat needs to be made for Macy’s window is NOT a good reason, generating money for kids to go to school is NOT a good reason, because you can is NOT a good reason.

Here are the only good reasons that I could possibly think of:

  • the animal is a threat to the welfare of people
  • the animal is sick or injured and suffering
  • the animal will be used by those less fortunate for food or clothing

I have plenty of experience with animals and with the death of animals, some of my experiences are probably the reason that I feel so passionate about this.

I suppose I am happy about these people starting a shitstorm on the Internet.  It just goes to show that I’m not too far off my mark.  Good people don’t like people like this, good people don’t like murderers.  I only hope that each and every time some dumbass does this to an animal, they post it online and we all band together and come after them.  They should be the ones being hunted.  Get off our planet, we don’t want you here.

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