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Banana Bread

Ok y’all, it’s close enough to Fall for me to be pulling out the baking stops.  As per usual I had some bananas that were looking pretty close to being gnat fodder, so I went in search of a new banana bread recipe.  My search yielded this gem!  I wasn’t in a chocolate chip kinda mood so I made a couple changes and it turned out fantastic! If the combination sounds like a winner to you, give it a try!  Here’s what I did…


Butterscotch Pecan Banana Bread
4 bananas
1/2 c. melted butter
1 c. sugar
2 eggs
1 T. vanilla
1/2 c. sour cream
1 t. baking soda
1 t. salt
1-2 t. cinnamon
1-2 t. nutmeg
1 1/2 c. flour
1/2 – 3/4 c. butterscotch morsels
1/2 – 3/4 c. chopped pecans

Preheated the oven to 350*, greased a loaf pan with Baker’s Joy.  Threw the first 9 ingredients into a large bowl and mashed it all up with a potato masher.  Poured in the flour and mixed with a spoon, scraping down sides with a spatula.  Poured morsels & nuts into the bowl and stirred to combine.  Poured it into the pan and cooked for about 65 minutes.  

So banana-y moist and not too sweet, just the right amount with the butterscotch chips!  I would make this over and over again, everyone loved it!  The better half said it could have used more cinnamon, but we could all taste it, so – if you like a lot of cinnamon, keep sprinkling!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


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Sugar Free Pineapple Lush

As you probably have figured out by now, I’m always on a diet and I’m sure I will be until the day I die.  I’ve gained some weight back after our summer vacation and I’m again trying to quash my “sugar” tooth and trying, of course, to cut calories.  I basically follow a diabetic diet; cutting carbs and sugar and limiting fats.  Sugar free desserts are a great substitute and they usually already have the exchanges noted – so for me, it’s a win-win.

I came across this recipe on Pinterest the other day for Sugar Free Pineapple Lush Cake from  I HIGHLY recommend it, it really was delicious!  Everyone liked it and no-one suspected it was sugar free!

Sugar Free Pineapple Lush Cake

1 box Pillsbury sugar free yellow cake mix (you can substitute = applesauce for oil and 1/2 pineapple juice and 1/2 water for the water)
1 8 oz. sugar free Cool Whip
1 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple in juice (and the pineapple should be crushed, NOT THE CAN IT’S IN), undrained
1 1.5 oz. box Jello sugar free Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

Bake the cake according to directions, with our without substitutions, in a 9×13″ pan and allow it to cool completely.  In a mixing bowl, stir together the Cool Whip, pudding mix and pineapple.  Mix until thoroughly combined.  Spread it over the cake and let it chill in the refrigerator for at least one hour.  Serve and enjoy!  Sooo good!  This would be an awesome Easter or summer dessert!


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Beaten Down


File Sep 07, 8 28 10 AMFile Sep 07, 8 27 55 AM

Is it just me or when you too go to look for a can of pineapple, they are ALWAYS dented?  WTH is that???  I don’t think I’ve ever looked for canned pineapple and all the cans were in pristine condition.  It’s like canned pineapple is the red headed step child of the grocery industry.  Wonder what it did in a past life to deserve this less than royal treatment?  Guess they’re just trying to bring it down…

That’s ok Pineapple, I got you.




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Today was a productive day thankfully. I’m trying so hard to get back into my weight loss groove but I’m finding that I have A LOT of things on my plate which of course makes me want to eat!

My oldest is a junior, I know I need to be making a list of what needs to be done to keep us on track this year; visiting colleges, narrowing down choices, studying for the ACT & SAT, and trying to get her involved in some volunteering opportunities – they all have to be addressed and neither one of us know where to begin! It’s all so, well…overwhelming!

Another item on my to do list has to do with my mother. She lives alone and after her AAA surgery this past January, she seems to have lost much of her muscle tone. She falls at least once every couple weeks. Thankfully she hasn’t hurt herself too badly, but I’m waiting. I am in no way asking for trouble, but I’m realizing it’s time to do something before she breaks a hip and there is no chance of recovery.

As with the college prep, I’m not sure what to do or even where to start. I have made some phone calls but no one has been able to answer all my questions – some haven’t even bothered to answer the phone and these are GOVERNMENT agencies. (Is anyone really shocked??) It’s very frustrating considering I’m not even sure I know what to ask. All I can do is read, ask questions and hope for the best.

On a lighter note, tonight’s dinner was Monterey Chicken. I had Brussel sprouts but the family had pan roasted potatoes, corn and fruit. So easy and really delicious!! Have a great night!


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Veggie Velveeta Soup

There’s a Weight Watchers recipe that’s made it around the block here a couple times and it’s pretty good.  And since Sunday always seems like a soup day to me, I thought I’d whip some up since I had most of the ingredients on hand.

I decided to spice it up a bit (cuz beginning of the week is all about cleaning out what’s been in the fridge a little too long soooo…) here’s what I came up with for a delicious and souper (ha) satisfying bowl!


Veggie Velveeta Soup

1 32 oz. Swanson low sodium chicken broth
12 oz. Velveeta (would have used 2% had I had some, could have sworn I picked some up)
12 oz. frozen broccoli florets
2 10 oz. cans Rotel mild tomatoes and chilis
1 medium onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 T. minced garlic
1 bunch bok choy

Cooked until cheese was melted and veggies were tender!

If you like Velveeta cheese, I highly recommend this recipe.  Neither daughter would eat it, had too many vegetables in it, but the oldest dipped her chips into it saying it was “pretty good”.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!!

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Menu Monday

Just a word of advice for March, you can go ahead and cut the crap and start following suit with February.  She behaved herself and showed mercy; weather in the 60’s and 70’s, warm enough to play outdoors, ride bikes and to actually enjoy “winter”.  You can take your wind and the rest of your 20 degree days and stick ’em!  I’m really over you and we’re only a few days in…

Anyway, enough about controlling Mother Nature, let’s talk strategy.  I have approximately 20 lbs. to lose by June, to do so, I need to strategize something that’s actually going to work with my out of control eating – well, it’s not really out of control.  It’s more like, not consistent.  I go a couple days doing SO well and then – it’s on.  Sweets, wine, fast food even, just overeating in general, exercise slacks off, don’t drink my water, ya know…just fall back into the old habits which ensure that I do not lose a pound – ever.  Not really working for me.  The last week or so I’ve done fairly well, only 2 days of not eating properly and both coincide with my BMA* (baby making’ abilities).  Reality is, I do great for about two weeks out of the month and then I bomb the other two weeks, all because of my BMA.  I figured that out a while back and haven’t quelled it yet.

To stop making rushed decisions when I’m starving, I’ve decided to food prep.  I have tried it, but of course, follow through is needed and I’m very short on that.  I make it and then wind up eating something else.  I’m going give it another try and see if I’m successful at losing weight and eating what I make!  I’m working on making homemade chicken salad now, I’m going to boil some eggs, cut up some fruit and veggies and have it with some chicken broth.  I can and will do this!  I’ll take some photos as I go today and post them here later.

This is my dinner menu this week for the family.  Thought I’d share this as well, sometimes I wind up eating something different than I plan for them depending on the fat/carb content and especially if I chose to have a glass of wine while I cook dinner!

Beef Sunday: Tomato Beef Country Casserole

Fish/Seafood Monday: 20 Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp & Miso Wonton Soup

Pork Tuesday:  Low Carb Pork Loin Piccata

Chicken Wednesday: Jalepeno Popper Chicken

Ethnic Thursday: Thai Inspired Hot Dogs

Soup/Salad/Sandwich Friday: Baked Mustard, Ham & Cheese Sliders & Tomato Basil Soup

Eat Out or Kids Choice Saturday: No decisions or ideas yet!

This morning I’m taking the youngest to the clinic.  Last night she “fell” off the bed and hit the top of her foot on the nightstand hard enough to make it swell and give her a limp.  Just want to make sure it’s nothing serious.  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!



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Brownie Brittle

What a day yesterday!  My mother couldn’t figure out what to buy me for Christmas, so I told her she could pay for a maid service to come in and clean the house.  I used to have a service that came every month but when I was trying to cut costs, they were the first to go.

For some asinine reason, I decided I would try out an individual, instead of using the company, I figured it may be cheaper.  Well, let me just say, big mistake – huge.  And it wasn’t cheaper.

I’ve said more than once that I’m a little OCD – or anal, if you will, about cleanliness.  But using someone for the first time, I don’t expect too, too much considering it’s new to them, but wow.  My 14 & 15 year olds do a better, more thorough job.  I really am not sure what happened, but…it won’t happen again.

It’s definitely too much money to have to go behind them and do what they should have done.  Of course, I was pissed when everyone came home since I’d been cleaning for an hour and a half and the worst part – she didn’t even empty the wastebaskets.  WTH?

Anyway…no point in crying over spilled milk (or wasted money), it’s done and over.  Onto the better stuff!

I was able to start on the non-edible Valentine’s gifts for the girls and I did a couple easy little artsy-craftsy things, so the day wasn’t a total loss.

My new food challenge today will be Brownie Brittle!  The better half bought a bag of Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle the other day and went bezerk over it.  He took it to work and the guys tried it and they really liked it.  So I’ve been nominated to give it a go!  I did find a couple recipes online so I’ll be giving it a shot today and hopefully it turns out.

Here’s the recipe (adapted from

1 18 oz. brownie mix (I used Ghirardelli Dark Brown Brownie mix, but I will use a different one next time as the Better Half doesn’t like the extra chocolate chips, so I picked them out)

1/3 c. vegetable oil

1/3 c. water

1 large egg

1/2 c. chopped walnuts

Preheat the oven to 325* and line a large baking sheet (mine is 13 x 18) with parchment paper.  Mix all ingredients together except walnuts and smooth batter onto baking sheet as thin as possible.  Sprinkle walnuts on top.  Bake for 25-30 minutes and start checking to make sure the sides and corners don’t burn.  Cook up to another 10 minutes to make sure the centers done, but don’t burn.  Remove from oven and place a piece of parchment paper or tinfoil and a clean kitchen towel over the brownies, smooth out brownies.  This helps them crisp.  Once you have smoothed them out, score or cut into pieces.

This turned out REALLY well!!  And it made a lot!  If you like brownie brittle, I suggest trying this recipe!