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A Lesson in Creativity

Every time you walk out your door there are lessons everywhere.  Today, we went to the Penrod Arts Fair held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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I’ve only been to one other art fair here in Indy and that was the Talbot Street Arts Fair years ago when I first moved here.

I love art. I think artsy fartsy (and I say that with all due respect) people are pretty awesome, with their seemingly laid back ways and flare for the different or turning the mundane into something extraordinary.  Some of the artwork people craft is, to people like me, unimaginable!  Just SO much talent, it’s definitely impressive. I couldn’t do or even attempt what they do. I love to paint and create and write and craft, but I certainly don’t think I could make a living doing it.

We didn’t stay for long as my better half – he goes because I ask him to, but he’s absolutely miserable. You can see it in every line on his face and in ever step he takes. No joke, he’s freakin miserable. But he loves me, he tolerates it and he goes, but he’s not happy about it.  He thinks that people that would spend $600 on a 8×10 painting of the woods needs their head examined.  And I do understand…I really do.  He comes from a midwestern family that worked and worked hard for their money and to spend it on something that’s so frivolous is simply not on his radar at all.

My youngest daughter is very artsy and creative.  She loves to paint and to write and she enjoyed looking at the different booths at the arts fair.  It’s good for her to see what’s out there, but it’s also good for her to hear people’s differing opinions.  I, for one, am more of a realist.  Painting, knitting, pottery, making jewelry, etc. should begin as a hobby, something that you do to fill your time wisely.  But you don’t assume that you can make $600 for one painting and another and another and that will carry you through life.  We talked about making a name for yourself and in this case, knowing people in your craft, “getting your name out there” and having people recognize your style.  All this takes time.  We talked about some people that I’ve found on Instagram that were nobody’s and then because of something someone purchased and loved, their popularity exploded.

It only takes one person to tell another and they’ll tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends and…well, you get the idea.  Becoming an artist takes patience, love, commitment, dedication and determination.  Pretty much the same for everything worth doing in this life…


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Under the Weather

I so detest not being up and running.  And even if I’m not feeling my best usually I just fake it.  Pull myself together and get out there and make it happen, cuz really, who else is gonna empty these laundry baskets or cook dinner?  Since Thursday, when I developed a seemingly innocuous headache, I have had a cold.  It started out as a horrible sore throat (as my oldest whom so graciously passed it on to me said, it’s like swallowing razor blades) and sneezing to settling in the chest and a cough.  This morning Day #3, its basically a cough and a wheezy chest.  I’m in that zone of, OK this was fun, let’s do something else now.

The kids told me yesterday that I sounded better, then when I offered to make them milkshakes, the youngest said, “wow, you MUST be feeling better!”.  Well, not so much but ya know, Mom’s must do what Mom’s must do.  I can only hack by myself sitting in one spot for so long.  The nice thing is, I’ve indulged in a Netflix marathon of “Pretty Little Liars”, I’ve eaten pretty much what I want with no real thought to weight gain (OK, maybe a little – OK, a lot, so that was a lie), I’ve been through two boxes of old photographs and scanned many of them to share on Facebook – which my family seems to thoroughly enjoy!  And I’ve managed to finish a book, the first one in at least a year!


‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ written by Rebecca Skloot.  It’s a story about a woman that had cervical cancer back in the 50’s.  Doctors took a sample of tissue from her and the cells never died.  There’s much more to this story dealing with consent, privacy and compensation not to mention the story behind some her family members, I thought it was quite an interesting story.  It’s not a technical, scientific read, so for me, that was a plus.

I also have to admit that although no one can do what I do, my better half comes pretty close.  He has cleaned our mud room, which is where our cats living quarters are, he has vacuumed under our living room furniture, he has been to the store for groceries, and brought dinner so I didn’t have to cook.  Every day he has “made me a place”. He puts the heater in front of the couch, sets up the TV, puts the trash can and tissues next to the couch, he makes sure I have everything I need to be comfortable and then if he’s not in the room with me, he comes and checks on me every 30 minutes or so.  I’ve been married twice and I don’t recall either one of them doing much at all for me when I had a cold…oh well, that was then.  I am just so extremely fortunate to have him.

I hope to be feeling better in the next few days.  Hope everyone else is doing well and anticipating spring as much as I am!


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Just Another Charity Case

I’ve wanted to write but it’s difficult to formulate a complete thought with everyone home and everyone’s been home since Friday.

We celebrated my better half’s birthday, but it wasn’t much of a celebration considering a couple of us are still nursing broken hearts after the loss of our beloved hamster.  I have to admit, this loss has been rough on me as I really believe it was preventable.  I’m still having trouble digesting it, but slowly it’s becoming more bearable.

In December, S. MADE taggie blankets with her own hands and resources, she collected books, DVD’s, some toys and I managed to find some brand new stuffed animals around the house.  We decided that we were going to take them all to Riley Hospital for the kids at Christmas.  Time flew by so quickly that we didn’t make it there by Christmas but we decided to finally take it all Friday morning.

Can I say I am just so disappointed.  I realize that you don’t contribute, donate or volunteer for the recognition.  I have tried to teach my children to expect nothing in return as you do it out of love and self gratification.  The gift you receive comes from within and I do believe that.  However, I do think that acknowledging children’s efforts and possibly even listening to a child’s story can leave a lasting impression on them.  Thanking them for taking time out of their lives for others less fortunate is important.  They will be the ones that will either continue to help or only do for themselves.  I believe the more positive reactions they receive will help enforce that they continue to make others needs as important as their own.

Here’s what happened.  S. and I walked into the hospital, there was no one at the reception desk.  We saw plenty of people with ID tags walking around, but not a one spoke although we stood there for a few minutes.  We walked to the gift shop and I explained to the woman behind the counter the situation, the first thing she could think to ask was were the items new?  S. had printed their requirements for donations and we had followed that.

She asked if we could bring the box in and put it behind the counter and she’d call someone to come pick it up.  As we went back in, there were people checking out and there wasn’t much room.  The girls and I waited patiently for them to finish their transactions, then the girls took the box and put it next to the counter.  Apparently, I looked at the woman behind the counter and said thank you.  Then she said thank you and we walked out.  We got in the car and the girls said, “Why did you say thank you?  We’re the ones that donated.  She should have been thanking us.”  And ya know, they are right.  I don’t actually remember saying thank you, but I’m sure I did because they called me on it.  I probably said it in hopes that the lady that received the box, would look at the two children that collected, made and carried the box full of items for children less fortunate than themselves, with a warm and genuine smile and thank them for giving of themselves.  And maybe even encourage them to make, collect and donate more.  Maybe it’s me and maybe I’m selfish to think this way, but you know what, I really don’t care.  A genuine thank you goes a long way.

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The Acceptance Game

According to Merriam-Webster, acceptance is defined as:
the act of accepting something or someone
the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable
an agreeing either expressly or by conduct to the act or offer of another so that a contract is concluded and the parties become legally bound
the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable
the act of accepting : the fact of being accepted : approval

a : the act of accepting a time draft or bill of exchange for payment when due according to the specified terms
b : an accepted draft or bill of exchange

I won’t throw anyone under the bus by using names here, but recently I’ve had a few conversations with some of my friends and family members and in each and every conversation, I find the same line of thinking from all of them.  They have no acceptance and love for themselves.  They can’t/don’t or won’t see their value.  They have disregarded their importance to others and they are extremely self-deprecating.  It’s disheartening.  These are people that I love, that I value and I can see their importance – their importance to me and to their children, their parents, their spouses, their friends, their extended families!  Truthfully, I don’t like it that they speak so unkindly of themselves.  Is it simply the people that I associate with?  My guess is we all know people like this and most probably, more than one or two.

People have learned to be too accepting of things they shouldn’t necessarily be accepting of and at the same time, they have learned to be unaccepting of themselves, how is that possible?  Why is that possible?

Why have people accepted shoddy foreign built products or companies that manhandle & threaten their customers, but they can’t accept themselves?  Why are we tolerant of homelessness, hunger or mental health issues not being dealt with, but we aren’t tolerant of our own faults?  Why do we accept abuse from those we love, both mental & physical, why do we allow and forgive adultery, why do we allow those we love to suffer from alcoholism & drug abuse?  But we can’t find the tolerance, love and acceptance for ourselves?  Why do we accept the judicial system or the politicians, to do what they are supposed to, when over and over and over again they’ve proven not to do their jobs? Why do we accept that, but we won’t forgive ourselves when we make the same mistakes over and over again?  Why have individuals stopped thinking for and about themselves and caring for themselves so very little?  The rest of the world has told us, “You must be accepting of US, even things & people you may not agree with.  Everything we do outside of the “norm”, you must accept.”  The funny thing is, we do!  And we’re losing ourselves – sacrificing ourselves, what’s important to us, and our principles, in doing so.

For some strange reason, we no longer focus on loving ourselves – we focus on loving the differences in others, we no longer strive to accept what we as individuals want, but what society wants as a whole (which may not even be beneficial to us).  The outside forces us to find all the things we may not agree with and accept them, instead of finding things that we individually find important and focusing on the love and acceptance for…dare I say, “God’s children”.

I am in no way talking about self-absorption, vanity or being a selfish ass, I’m simply talking about realizing your own value, your own worth, evaluating who you are important to and loving yourself enough to take care of yourself and stand up for what you believe in.  I’m not saying if you’re a drug abuser yourself or if you’re in an adulterous relationship that you love and accept those traits about yourself, but what I am saying is, to make YOUR life complete, you must love, value and accept yourself.  Strive to be a better person if you’re not the person you want to be, find your value.  It’s so much more important that anyone makes it out to be.  Love yourself and the rest will come.  Treat yourself properly and others will to.  Don’t put up with the bullshit, the intolerance and the abuse.  Value yourself, love yourself.  Stop being so accepting to those that don’t accept you, stop accepting what you don’t want in your life, stop allowing your principles to be stolen from you.  This goes for family, friends, acquaintances, classmates, people you do business with, if you are not treated and loved properly, valued and accepted by the people in your life, start demanding those things from them and if you still don’t receive it, say goodbye.

Today, calibrate your own moral compass.  Determine why you don’t accept yourself for who you are, change those things you don’t accept.  Take an inventory of the people in your life, who accepts and loves you as you are, who helps you obtain your goals to be the person you want to be?  Who supports your principles?  Love those people, in turn, love yourself, don’t let them down.

Don’t accept less of yourself or those around you – demand more, don’t give less of yourself or allow those around you to give less –  demand more, give more, don’t strive for less from yourself or those around you – strive for more.  Don’t devalue and degrade yourself!  You are your most important asset, without you, there would be nothing.  Don’t lessen yourself to those who may think that you are “the bomb”, it’s offensive to them and it’s unacceptable.

Consider what you do, what you will and what you can accept, consider what you don’t, what you won’t or what you can’t accept and speak up for both.  Don’t succumb, be strong, find your value, demand acceptance from yourself.  I promise you, you are worth it.

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Oh the Embarrassment

How embarrassing is all of this? The American people should be hanging their heads in shame for allowing any of this. From the President all the way down to the kid having his ass beat by his mother on national T.V.

Since I’m originally from Maryland I feel like this rioting mess is happening at my back door. Essentially it is, since it could happen pretty much anywhere.

Here’s my take on this:

If this guy’s spine was ‘almost severed’ after being involved in a police scuffle or riding in the back of a wagon unsecured, the officers are 100% responsible. Unless this guy had previous injuries, which I’m pretty sure he didn’t if he was running from the police, then the officers involved in his arrest are responsible. The fact of the matter is the law should stand for both officers and citizens alike (and anyone else on this planet). You can’t be negligent. I’m not saying this scenario is exactly what took place, but if he was placed in the back of the wagon, cuffed and unsecured and broke his neck because of it, the officers were negligent and not simply negligent, but intentionally negligent. That’s a crime – in so many different ways. He’s a drug dealer, not a murderer. If he were a murderer would I feel different about the outcome? Yes – I would, but that’s another Oprah show.

I personally believe that all officers should wear body cameras, for their protection and the protection of those involved in arrests, traffic stops, etc. It would eliminate many of the questions that can arise from a situation such as this.

I am embarrassed by the Mayor of Baltimore, she gave these idiots permission to be criminals and to destroy property, she is PART of the problem.

I am in support of the Police Commissioner speaking of the embarrassment he feels by seeing what is taking place in his city.

Rioting, looting, burning and destroying property is simply an opportunity for criminals to get away with criminal activity. As you can see as these idiots break into stores – check cashing stores, liquor stores, cell phone stores, drug stores, convenience stores. Not just any store, but specific stores – that THEY shop in?!? They know they won’t be prosecuted. It’s part of the game that’s being played. Is it ok to break into someone’s store and destroy property? No, it’s not. It should be stated when something like this happens, if you begin or partake in illegal activity – busting out windows, setting fires, destroying property, etc. You will be shot. Two men at the doors, trained to shoot. Period. People at this point need a deterrent. Their destructive behavior needs to be stopped – immediately.

They have no idea the repercussions of their actions. All they have to do is drive around Baltimore and D.C. – after 50+ years, some of the destruction that took place during 1968 riots hasn’t been erased. This only cripples them and the people that own these businesses. The sad part is, their responsibility level is nil – that’s how criminals become criminals, there are NO penalties and if there are, they aren’t effective – obviously. If there is EVER a reason to use a gun, this would be it. Rubber bullets and beanbags now have a use, use them. They are missing their mark in law ENFORCEMENT. Common sense once again has eluded people.

And as much as I think that lady that was “smacking” her kid in the head in front of the TV cameras was hysterical, I’m thinking that she is just as much of a problem as her child that she’s whacking. She needed to teach him right and wrong long before he was able to stand out on the street in a hoodie becoming part of the problem instead of the solution. Smacking your child in the head and jerking him around on T.V. is not productive parenting nor should you be proud of it. It’s simply embarrassing and it shouldn’t be commended.

On the news now, residents and the community of Baltimore are coming together to clean up the streets. That is what people should be striving for and this is what they should want – for themselves, for their cities, for their children and their children’s children. It should be what they want to see, to believe in, to focus on. This is what the U.S. should be promoting and encouraging. Working together to make things better, to make people and society better. To make America and it’s people something they can be proud of. Isn’t that something we should all strive for?

Unfortunately this country has many issues that need addressing and until they are addressed properly with some common sense applied, these behaviors – by police, by criminals, by parents and by our leaders – will continue. It really is appalling to watch. Good luck America from where I’m sitting, you’re doing a fine job of embarrassing yourself. Get it together.

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The P.O.S. Collection

This has been a hot topic all weekend and I, of course, just had to get in on it.  I have absolutely NO idea what’s wrong with people.  Who, in their right mind, thinks that THIS – any of this – is OK??  What type of person must you be?

First off, senseless killing, maiming or injuring of any type of animal should be illegal – period.  Whoever or wherever you are.  I could care less if it’s a common tree squirrel or an endangered rhino, if you hurt it or kill it – unless of course it’s an immediate threat to your well being – like you could DIE – then you should suffer the same fate as the animal you have injured or killed.  That should cut down on hunting some.  Swipe the weapon from you, hand it to the next guy in line and say, “good luck – hope you can run fast!”

I had a Facebook conversation with this moron about how big game hunting is big business and that I don’t understand and my head is in the sand and blah blah blah, but the fact is because it’s ok in Africa (and it’s NOT) and simply because it generates money (as I pointed out, so does drug dealing) does not make it A.O.K.  It just doesn’t make it ok.  It’s not ok to kill defenseless animals.  It’s not ok to not feed them or abuse them or chain them in your yard or torture them or sacrifice them.  If you think that it is ok to do those things, then you need to study the background of serial killers.  You need to be under observation and constant supervision, because there’s something wrong with you.

It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to pass a farm that’s all muddy with sickly, emaciated horses standing around looking like they’d rather be dead.  It makes me sick to see a dog chained up or penned in a tiny pen…what is the point of this?  Why would you have an animal to put it in a pen or tie it to a tree?  Please tell me, what is the point of owning the animal?

Where is the compassion, the sensibility and sensitivity to living things?  The FB moron that I had the conversation with said, “so a human life is less important than an animal’s life” – that wasn’t directed at me, but I’m here to tell you, it depends on the animal and it depends on the human.  And yes, some animals are more important than humans, just all depends on the person and the animal in question.

That “thing” that shot the cat in the head with a bow & arrow and declared she was awesome.  Well, I’m gonna guess no one but psychotic assholes think she’s awesome.  And I’m praying that she will NEVER have the opportunity to touch another animal EVER.  The United States needs to lay the groundwork for other countries instead of saying “oh yeah, good job on killing that beautiful animal for NO reason”.

I would love to have someone give a reasonable explanation for killing animals, one that really makes sense and is logical in its explanation.  Clubbing seals because a coat needs to be made for Macy’s window is NOT a good reason, generating money for kids to go to school is NOT a good reason, because you can is NOT a good reason.

Here are the only good reasons that I could possibly think of:

  • the animal is a threat to the welfare of people
  • the animal is sick or injured and suffering
  • the animal will be used by those less fortunate for food or clothing

I have plenty of experience with animals and with the death of animals, some of my experiences are probably the reason that I feel so passionate about this.

I suppose I am happy about these people starting a shitstorm on the Internet.  It just goes to show that I’m not too far off my mark.  Good people don’t like people like this, good people don’t like murderers.  I only hope that each and every time some dumbass does this to an animal, they post it online and we all band together and come after them.  They should be the ones being hunted.  Get off our planet, we don’t want you here.

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I’m What?…Not Again!?!

Tech Addiction is Real

Did you say I’m addicted?  Um, what exactly does that mean?  Addicted?  Well, here is the formal definition.

Addicted: [uhdik-tid]: adjective

devoted or given up to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming.
So what I have is an…

Addiction: [uhdik-shuh n]: noun

the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
So I’m addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, food and now my iphone?  Wow.  What gives?  Well, I’m also addicted to cooking, books, my kids and my better half.  I think I am also addicted to murder shows, Dawson’s Creek and the 70’s.  All of these things and many many more, influence me, good, bad or indifferent.  But addicted?  I guess I’m probably addicted to sugar too, I mean I have it in my coffee every day, and I make my bed every day so I suppose that has to be an addiction.  There’s obviously some chemical that my brain expresses after I make my bed that gives me pleasure.  There’s no denying it, at night especially when I’m tired, I pull back that soft comforter and see those crisp, white sheets, and I slide my weary mind and body between said sheets and that ultra suede velvety soft blanket, I’m sure that that chemical is released again, because shortly thereafter, I fall asleep.  That has to be an addiction of some kind.  I believe I’m also addicted to b.s. cuz everytime I’m online I seem to gravitate right to it.