Who Writes This Junk?


Hi & thanks for visiting my blog!!  I’m a middle aged mom of two, who’s constantly trying to figure out life.  I love my family (of course), writing, photography & cooking.

I’m originally from the Maryland/D.C. area, now living in the Midwest.  I’m still trying to discover who I am and what I want to be.

I created this blog as a place to jot down memories, my oh-so valuable opinion and general “junk” but it’s turned into more of a place to store recipes and allow me to vent.  I’m looking forward to what all it may bring!

Wanna know more?  Read on.

I embarked on an entirely new life in June of 2010. For a new hobby, I started Instagramming in October of 2010 and it was then I chose the profile name WaffleCrumbs. Don’t ask me why, it’s not like I had a crazy affinity to waffles. I mean I’ve always liked them, but I wasn’t a waffle fanatic or anything. For all I know, I could have been cleaning up after the kid’s breakfast when I thought of it. Lots of people throughout the years, have remarked that they liked my profile name so it stuck. Pretty much my entire social network life has something to do with waffles. I do have to admit that since coming up with that name, I have purchased a waffle iron or two and I’ve become a bit more partial to waffles than other breakfast foods.

I, like everyone else on planet Earth, wanted to write a blog, initially only for myself like a journal with photography as the focus, then the focus moved to cooking and now it’s graduated to weight loss and cooking. I decided on the Waffle Blog name for a couple reasons, #1. That it fits my social network “theme” but even more fitting is #2. Waffling, I do all too well, constantly and effortlessly, all in the name of indecisiveness. And if you actually look up the British definition of waffle – it fits this blog to a “t”. Here is a partial definition from google:

“…speak or write, especially at great length, without saying anything important or useful…” “…lengthy but trivial or useless talk or writing…”

No where does breakfast come into it!  And there you have it – how the Waffle Blog came to be. It is not simply a place for me to share my newly found waffle recipe with you, but also a place where I can write, without saying anything useful! My life in a nutshell, right here on the world wide web!


I’m basically just a mom of two teen daughters, in her late 40’s and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m happy to be middle-aged (it certainly beats the alternative) and I’m thrilled that I’m a mom of these two wonderful teenagers. I couldn’t be more proud as a parent, they are the lights of my life.

I am the girlfriend/finacee/partner of a knight in shining armor, who works hard and loves me like crazy. I’m truly blessed to be his, he is the man that has taught me that I am worthy of love.  I would be lost without him.

Our home has three cats, a hamster and a betta fish. It’s the more the merrier, in my opinion.  Now, if we just had someone that would clean the tanks and the cat boxes on a regular basis…

I have a list of things I love to do, but a lot of things I love to do seems to center around food. I love to eat out, go grocery shopping, make grocery lists, read and collect recipe books, watch cooking shows, type recipes, try new recipes, cook and bake, feed people. If it has to do with food and eating, I’m pretty much in. Now, if I had to hunt it, trap it, kill it or skin it, it wouldn’t be my thing. Cuz I ain’t doin’ none of that. No way, no how, I’ll go vegan.

Someone said, if you want to know me, the real me, don’t follow me on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest. I find that to be extremely accurate!

Things I love:

My daughters, my better half, animals, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, words with friends, photographs & photography, writing, Eloise Wilkin, cookbooks, jewelry, Leslie Sansone, tradition, all things Christmas, collecting things, buttons, the smell of Downy, ironing (I find it therapeutic), Kohl’s, cooking appliances, Joan Walsh Anglund, seashells, soap, wrought iron, converse sneakers, Washington D.C., hydrangeas, coffeemate Hazelnut creamer, John Saul, true crime, Hagen Renaker miniatures, seafood, my bed, pens, my-ku-mo pillows, Dawson’s Creek (specifically Pacey), traveling, rainbows, Shutterfly, sushi, calendars, crème filled anything (eclairs, cream puffs, doughnuts), cross-stitch, 70’s music, Tiffany jewelry, eggs, Dachshunds, eggs benedict with real hollandaise, the Redskins, Moonlight Path perfume, Little Golden Books, Erin Condren planners, Pier 1, the smell of freshly cut grass, Chopard Happy Diamonds, pralines & cream ice cream…and the list goes on

Things I don’t love:

Organ meat, mean people, politics.



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