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Happy New Year!

My 2017 has finally begun!  Four days late, but hey – better than never!!  I wish I could go back and write every day for the last month, but there’s absolutely no way that’s going to happen!!  I’ll be good to finish a thought here, today, now!

December was busy doing normal December things, shopping, baking, eating, decorating and just enjoying (well, not a lot of enjoying, mostly running from one thing to another) but it was good all the same.  Nothing monumental and thankfully, we all plowed through unscathed.

To begin the year off on the right foot, I did a little critiquing of myself.  I found that I am a terrible “finisher”.  I used to finish EVERYTHING I started and I couldn’t – wouldn’t – stop until I finished.  And I did it well too, none of this half-assed stuff.  That was when my OCD was at it’s worst.  However, as I’ve come to be more comfortable with myself (and loved for who I am not for who someone wants me to be) I have become much more lax in my abilities to finish what I start.  Starting is really easy, finishing is (apparently) extremely difficult!  And instead of concentrating on finishing what I’ve started, I’m wanting to take on more and more things!

Here’s just a few examples of things I’ve started that I really, really need to finish!

#1. The girls baby books (and they are 14 & 15).

#2. A cross-stitch I started over 20 years ago for my now ex-husband.  I work on it off and on because I WANT to finish it!  The funny thing is it’s of endangered animals and I joke, they’re all gonna be extinct by the time I finish the damn thing!

#3. Organizing my photos

#4. Painting the basement.

#5. Making CD’s for our jukebox.

And this is only a PARTIAL list…there are tons of projects that have been started around here and I’ve just set them aside.  This year I am vowing to finish things I’ve started.  I am not going to start another project until I complete the ones that are hanging out there.  It’s going to take definite determination and focus.  There are tons of things I want to be different this year than last, focusing on my family, weight loss, projects both new and unfinished, keeping up with my cooking, my photography, etc.  I’m hoping that I can share a lot more of my 2017 with you!





A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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