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Love at First Bite

I grew up in a different time with a much different lifestyle than I live today.  During the summer, we would go to the beach to visit my grandmother, she had a live-in housekeeper.  I would wake up early, run downstairs into the kitchen where the housekeeper would be fixing coffee and readying things for breakfast.  Every morning, I would beg her to make me “eggs and gravy”, sometimes, she would concede and I’d get my “eggs with gravy”, other days she’d flat out refuse – usually because we’d had it the day before!  It didn’t matter though, I’d still ask and if she’d make it, I’d always eat it!  Both she and my grandmother have long been deceased but this is still one of my most fond memories and still one of my most favorite foods.

I have slowed down my consumption of artery clogging eggs Benedict but I have not stopped loving it!  And although eggs Benedict day is April 16, there’s no better day to make eggs Benedict than today!

I asked my daughter a couple months ago that if she could learn to make one meal, what would she want to learn, surprisingly she said eggs Benedict.  My assumption would be because it’s one of her father’s favorites as well and she could woo him with her skills if she whipped up some of this for him!

Yesterday morning I woke the youngest up out of a dead sleep and told her today was the day she was going to learn to make eggs Benedict!  She wasn’t real thrilled.

This is a crazy easy recipe, no one needs to be hesitant about making it or shy away from it because of the sauce.  It does take a bit of organization, but nothing you won’t get the hang of.  The Hollandaise, once you make it a few times, will become second nature.  I’ve made it so often that I can tell if it’s going to turn out before I even pour the butter into the blender.  Strange, but true.  One piece of advice, until you become proficient at making the Hollandaise, don’t use the most expensive ingredients.  I’ve had to throw the whole blender full away a few times!  Eeek!

Eggs Benedict
Makes 2 servings

Begin with making the Hollandaise Sauce

4 egg yolks
2 T. lemon juice
cayenne pepper to taste
2 sticks of butter, (I use Land O’Lakes and if you use salted, don’t add salt, if you use  unsalted, add salt to taste)

Add egg yolks, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and salt (if needed) into blender.  Melt butter just til boiling, remove from heat (make sure the butter is NOT bubbling) and pour directly into running blender.  Sauce should thicken almost immediately.  If it’s clumpy/gritty looking – it’s no good, if it’s smooth – it’s perfect.  Stir the sauce.  Hollandaise should be thick, not runny.  The spoon should almost stand up.  If the butter was too hot, the sauce will separate, if it’s the correct temperature, it will have a smooth and creamy texture.  You can keep it warm by placing the blender into warm (not hot) water until ready.

4 eggs
8 slices Canadian bacon (I use Jones)
4 english muffins (I use Thomas’s)

(Here’s where you have to be a bit organized.  I start the water to boil and make my bacon and muffins.  I keep the bacon & muffins warm in a 200* oven and once the eggs are ready I place them on top of the bacon and then spoon the Hollandaise on top.)

Fill frying pan with water and a tablespoon full of vinegar to keep egg from feathering.  Lightly brown the Canadian bacon in a frying pan.  Toast and butter the english muffins.  Place bacon on muffins and keep warm. Heat the water until simmering then add the eggs one at a time.  Cook eggs about 3-4 minutes depending on desired doneness.  (I have always eaten this with the yolks runny and the whites cooked.)  Remove the egg from the water with a slotted spoon and dab onto paper towel to soak up any remaining water.

Place poached egg on top of the Canadian bacon and spoon the Hollandaise on top of the poached egg, sprinkle with parsley. Serve with a fruit salad for a completed meal and enjoy!

Needless to say – as you can see from the photos – she did a great job.  She claimed she didn’t want any, but after everyone else started eating theirs, she couldn’t help herself.  It was delish, as usual!

Hope you all have an eggs-cellent day!





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