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iPhone vs. Android

This weekend was full of almost nothing but becoming re-acquainted with my iPhone.  Back in July, my iPhone 6 plus’s camera decided to start producing only out of focus shots, and if there’s one thing I have to have almost more than a phone is a camera.  The BH had previously bought me a Samsung Note 4 to try.  I did for a couple months, but I wound up going back to the iPhone since that’s what I’m most comfortable with and find to be most user friendly.  I feel that Androids are made for more technical people and I am NOT anywhere near technical.  Truth be known, it’s probably all in what you’re used to.  When androids first came out, we tried a tablet and it was horrendous.  It was so slow!  But I will say – they’ve come a long way and in a lot of ways have surprisingly surpassed the Apple.

Now I know there are people who are Android fans and they wouldn’t dare go near an iPhone, but that’s not me.  I do think that Apple has done a backslide in every way, shape and form since Steve Jobs died.  They definitely are not keeping up with or outpacing Androids any longer.  If they are going to have any hope of staying out in front (which I believe is a very very small margin at this point), they are going to have to build a better product and perhaps, get back to a little more reasonable customer service.  You can tell that their customers are NOT their top priority and that’s extremely disappointing, without us they have nothing.

The two previous iphones that we’ve had (both 6+), have not been up to par – at all.  And I wouldn’t go anywhere near a 7.  With that being said, I think the iPhone 6 plus is a great phone, however, it doesn’t hold up long enough and the warranty isn’t good enough to justify such a huge expense.  Apple really needs to back its product with something other than $125 for insurance and then MORE money on top of that to repair it.  That’s a bit much considering these things are over $500 as it is.  That’s theft.  Morally, I’d drop Apple in a heartbeat.  But realistically with only these two options, my choice is the iPhone, hands down.

Thoughts?  What’s your choice and why?  Have a great day everyone!





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