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Half-time at the Homecoming Game!

Depending on age, that word can mean many different things.  Today it means dance, first date/dance, first dressed up date dance!  Aaaaahhhhh!!  “Mom, it’s not Prom!”  “Ok, fine…I’ll back off.”  “No!  I need you to dress me!”  LOL  YAY!!  I’m still needed for something other than a ride somewhere or money!  Go me!

Today my oldest will go to Homecoming with her – dare I say – boyfriend!  Yes – already.  I swear I still look at her and see her as my baby girl, it makes me tear up when I think about it.  Like seriously…how?  I remember her holding my hand to walk across the street and her snappy little flip personality.  And now, she’s transformed into my genuinely sweet, intelligent, responsible teenager.  <sigh>  Where did my baby go?  With boy issues, driving school and college talk, it’s all just overwhelming.

I am much more excited about tonight than she is.  Probably not, but it seems like it since I’m not afraid to actually show my excitement.  But I know that to keep her from backing off from me in horror, I have to reel myself in and “chill”.  Today will be a day of firsts and I’m excited.  I’m hoping she’ll have loads of fun and of course, a memorable time with her friends and her boyfriend.  Me?  As I pose her and her boyfriend for photos, I’ll just be wondering how my little girl grew up so fast.



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