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Another Installment in the POS Collection*

*parental discretion is advised, strong language in use

I’m not a political person at all.  I don’t really understand it since it’s not based on common sense (obviously).  But I do believe I know right from wrong, which is what politics, laws and the rest of society should be taught and most importantly, made to follow.

I, like the rest of the modern world, have an opinion.  Sometimes I like to share my opinion with an audience because I think the subject is important and I do like to hear other’s opinions.  I especially enjoy reading common opinions of other’s to realize I’m not alone in my thinking.  Honestly, much of the time I feel alone with what I feel is straight up common sense, and a morality that seems to be way off course nowadays!  This world has changed a great deal since I was a kid and I can’t say it’s all been for the better.  People have simply lost their way.

The situation I speak of, that I find severely unjust and of great disturbance (and you should too), is this spoiled brat little jackass that’s been released from jail (and did I just type ‘jail’?  Because he damn sure should have been in prison!).

He RAPED a girl, he was smacked on the hand and then after three months, released to go home to mommy and daddy – seriously??!?  If anyone has ever heard or made fun of white privilege, well…this would be a PRIME example of how it comes down to that type of conversation!  I am inherently embarrassed by this!  And really, no one can be ok with this outcome, no matter what color you are.  Unless you are this kid’s parents (both of which are an embarrassment to the entire human race as well), you don’t want this guy living anywhere near you, white, black, red, yellow, green, purple, I don’t freakin’ care what color he is or how much money his parents have – this guy belongs in PRISON.  It’s an absolute disgrace that he’s not locked up behind bars.  He committed a heinous, unforgivable, unfixable crime.  The very least our shitty corrupt judicial system could do is pretend to give one rat’s ass about the woman he defiled and RAPED.  Six years – questionable, six months – laughable, thee months – absolutely absurd!

I have two daughters and I can’t even begin to imagine how I would feel, what her parents must feel?!  And believe it or not – this human being, this person, this woman that he RAPEDSHE MATTERS, HER LIFE IS IMPORTANT!  HER LIFE HAS BEEN FOREVER CHANGED!  I know what I think about him being let out and set free and I don’t know his victim from Adam.  To think that this could happen to any girl, any woman, any female, hell – anyone and the piece of shit be able to walk the streets freely after three months to do something like this again if the spirit moves him or he had a few drinks??  Really?!??!  I’m supposed to be ok with this??  Does COMMON SENSE have any place in our judicial system??  For a minute, forget money, forget color, forget good behavior…what he did CAN NOT BE FIXED OR FORGOTTEN! Should anyone be ok with this???  A mother or father with a daughter, a mother or father of a decent law abiding child that’s never committed a crime?  I am not ok with this.

There is just too much wrong with this entire story, I could go on and on for days about the injustices surrounding this case, but suffice it to say as a human being, a mother of daughters, a woman herself, that I find this whole situation extremely embarrassing, insulting, infuriating and disgusting.  That this POS is walking free with decent law abiding citizens (and MY children) just trying to make their way in this world, trying to do the right things and succeeding, pulling through and not inflicting pain or emotional turmoil on another!  How is this OK?

Once people like this SOB are set free to roam the streets amongst the rest of us, like it or not



** If you haven’t read the victim’s impact statement, I encourage you to.  This is every law abiding female victim’s story and the reason this shouldn’t ever be allowed to happen again!



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