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Weekend Recap

We had great weekend, well, ok, I had a great weekend!  I managed to stay on track with the ole diet, plus we ate out, I cooked and H. even made some cookies!  I turned down Frosty’s, fries, ice cream, etc. and I’m thrilled that I did!  I worked out Friday and Sunday and even despite the rain, managed to get in an hour bike ride!

It rained a lot but that’s ok, we needed it and it did cool it down which is always good when it’s been so hot and humid out.  Since it rained, we napped a lot – ok, I napped a lot.  To me the sound of a rainstorm equals sleep.  I do think I died a little on Saturday.  We laid down for a nap, which usually lasts about an hour and I for some reason, slept for almost three?!?  That never happens!  S. went to 2 birthday parties this weekend and was out until 10 p.m., that’s late for us, so I suppose I was catching up?!  LOL, we’re such old people.

H. had a friend over on Saturday and on Sunday she made the cookies and painted some.  We talked about moving all of her artwork to one wall in her room so she could “showcase” it, so last night she grabbed the hammer and some nails and went to work.  She did it all pretty quickly and I thought it came out great!  She said, “Maybe I’ll be an Interior Decorator?”  I thought, yes, please!  You can start with this house!  LOL


Today they deliver the TV stand for the basement.  I’m excited!  We’re only waiting on the couch to be delivered now and I can start on the paint & carpet selection!!  I’ll update once they’re finished with the stand!

Since starting work on the TV room downstairs, I threw myself out of there and into the unfinished storage room which now quadruples as a home gym/craft/library/storage room.  I’ve created a pretty awesome workout area if I do say so myself.  It’s just the right size for what I do.  The elliptical, the stationery bike and my college stereo and record player were already in there, so I added a 5 x 7 piece of carpet, a TV and a DVD player and now I’m ready to go!  I have a couple more things to do to dress it up a little, but it’s coming along!!

Have a great Monday everyone!





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