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I Should Have Known Better

One of the things that’s taken me way from writing lately, is our basement.  Since we moved in our home in 2012, I’ve never spent much time down there except to play a few games of pool and maybe watch a movie or two, but it hasn’t been the “hang out” place I thought it would be.  I have been taking small steps towards making it more comfortable and homey, but it’s been slow going.

We have our cat to thank for speeding up the process a bit.  Our last adoptee is Molly, I’ve mentioned her here before, is an older cat and she obviously came from a home that didn’t make her mind her cat manners.  We have three cats and four litter boxes, when we kept a litter box downstairs we had no problem, but thinking we had combatted the problem sufficiently of her relieving herself, we removed the box from downstairs – uh, bad move.  A couple weeks ago, the oldest had a friend over and they headed downstairs to play some video games and came up holding the couch cushion.  Molly had peed on it.  So….I finally had to say goodbye to our 25 year old couch.  I wasn’t sad about it, not thrilled that that was the reason it had to go, but it was long over due.

I decided to bite the bullet and try online ordering.  I’m not a big fan of online buying when it comes to clothes or furniture because I like to “try before I buy”.  But, I figured since it’s usually the kids and once a year my mom, it doesn’t have to do too much overtime like the furniture upstairs.  I also thought, because it’s a basement and basically a teen hang out area, I would use bolder colors to try to liven it up.  Here are a few pieces that I ordered…

Now, by looking at these items, you would think the floral pattern chair would kinda tie everything together, that the swivel chair’s purple and the green is a cheerful color…weeeelllllllll, not so much.  It’s actually all kinda drab.  The couch hasn’t arrived as of yet, so I can’t speak concerning it’s color yet.  But I’m hoping it’s close to the photo shown!  Mind you, this is all in the pre-stages so everything looks kinda thrown together and a mess.  For now simply focus on the coloring. Here are the photos of the furniture we have received so far…and what it’s looking like so far…

We have one light in this room and one window.  It’s really dark.  I realize that unless you see the room and furniture in person, you really can’t tell, but the chairs are more of a blue gray color than a purple, and the ottoman, well, you can see is more of a dull green.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the colors, it’s just not what I was going for.  And because of the less lively color pattern, I’m obviously going to have to liven the room up with paint and splashes of color using pillows, artwork and the like.  Which is not the worst thing in the world, just again, not what I was going for.

I would love to hear opinions!  I’m still looking for the right wall color and can’t wait for the couch to come in.  That will probably be the decision maker, but it’s not supposed to arrive until the end of August and I’m ready to get this show on the road!!  So help me out, what are your thoughts on this?  Can it still be as fun and cute as I was going for?  I hope so!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!




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