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Entres Vous

I really should be showering and heading out to run errands, but I’ve been cleaning and now I feel like vegging here for a minute.  I’m feeling the pangs of middle age, my knee has been bothering me for about three days now.  I’m not conscious of it until I stop moving and then there it is.  Just this dull but constant ache in my knee, could be the muscle in my calf too, not really sure but it hurts all the way down into my foot…oh joy!  Oh well – moving on.

I spent much of last week redecorating and painting our front foyer – hall – entrance area.  I only lack touching up around the ceiling moulding and a new rug then it will be complete, at least for a while.  I have always read that your front entrance should make a statement about the home and the people who live there.  I don’t know that mine does, but updating the paint and putting some personal touches into the decorating made me feel better.  I would like to eventually have some photos of us as a family enlarged and added into the mix, but for now artwork by my daughter is enough.

This is before…




And this is after…








Now I’m trying to pick a rug, there are so many gorgeous ones to chose from!

I really want to paint all the wood – the trim, the doors, etc.  I’m trying to lighten the place up, it’s very dark.  It’s a south facing house and we have a porch, so sunlight doesn’t come straight in.   I am a really sloppy painter.  When we moved here I tried to paint the garage door and that was a mistake.  I made a huge mess and the better half had to repaint it.  So I figured I’d wait, then once the rooms are painted the way I want them I’ll have a professional come in and paint the trim and doors and all!  I’m afraid if I do it myself, not only will we have to hire a professional painter to paint the trim, he’ll have to clean up the mess I’ve made as well.  I figure I’ll cut my losses while I’m ahead.

Well, I suppose I should move it…I’m certainly not getting things done sitting on my duff!




A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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