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Our Newest Adoptee

This morning I was in our laundry room minding my own business (laminating) when I heard scratching coming from our mud room.  Our mud room is basically the cat’s room, their food, water and their two litter boxes are in there along with a laundry tub and some general overflow from our kitchen.

We recently adopted another cat, one that I haven’t posted about prior to now because we’re still in the settling in stage.  Our sure bets are Sammi and Frankie…


…and our newest addition is Molly.


Molly is approximately 14 years old and the sweetest ole girl.  She had been quarantined in the girl’s bathroom since being adopted because of a kitty cold she caught at the shelter.  Approximately five days ago we let her out to meet the rest of the crew.  She’s done as expected, slowly becoming more and more comfortable, venturing away from the bathrooms and bedrooms where her food and her litter box are, tentatively trusting her new environment and all around settling in – at least until this morning.

I walked out of the laundry room and peered into the mud room only to find Molly peeing in a shallow wicker basket that we keep our yard shoes in.  Of course, I immediately threw the shoes in the laundry, cleaned the basket and mopped the floor, but I’m left with – what caused her to pee in there?  This also makes me wonder, did her previous home put her up for adoption because of this type of behavior?  Thankfully we haven’t had this situation before, but now the better half and I are wondering what can we do?  We certainly don’t want to take her back, we are trying to keep the boxes (all three of them) cleaned out on a daily basis.  Could it be she doesn’t like an enclosed box?  Did she smell something on the shoes?  Were the boxes not clean enough for her?  Is she simply marking her new territory?

I do know that I can’t have a cat roaming the house randomly peeing in or on things.  I have had numerous cats throughout the years and if they started that I closed them up in a room of their own.  I have never believed in giving up pets – they are family.  I’ve only once given up a dog and I said I would never do it again.  Granted, we’ve only had her a very short time, but still.

If anyone has any recommendations, advice or even some guesses as to what’s up or what we could do to quell it, we’ll take it!

TIA!  Have a great Tuesday!




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