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Under the Weather

I so detest not being up and running.  And even if I’m not feeling my best usually I just fake it.  Pull myself together and get out there and make it happen, cuz really, who else is gonna empty these laundry baskets or cook dinner?  Since Thursday, when I developed a seemingly innocuous headache, I have had a cold.  It started out as a horrible sore throat (as my oldest whom so graciously passed it on to me said, it’s like swallowing razor blades) and sneezing to settling in the chest and a cough.  This morning Day #3, its basically a cough and a wheezy chest.  I’m in that zone of, OK this was fun, let’s do something else now.

The kids told me yesterday that I sounded better, then when I offered to make them milkshakes, the youngest said, “wow, you MUST be feeling better!”.  Well, not so much but ya know, Mom’s must do what Mom’s must do.  I can only hack by myself sitting in one spot for so long.  The nice thing is, I’ve indulged in a Netflix marathon of “Pretty Little Liars”, I’ve eaten pretty much what I want with no real thought to weight gain (OK, maybe a little – OK, a lot, so that was a lie), I’ve been through two boxes of old photographs and scanned many of them to share on Facebook – which my family seems to thoroughly enjoy!  And I’ve managed to finish a book, the first one in at least a year!


‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ written by Rebecca Skloot.  It’s a story about a woman that had cervical cancer back in the 50’s.  Doctors took a sample of tissue from her and the cells never died.  There’s much more to this story dealing with consent, privacy and compensation not to mention the story behind some her family members, I thought it was quite an interesting story.  It’s not a technical, scientific read, so for me, that was a plus.

I also have to admit that although no one can do what I do, my better half comes pretty close.  He has cleaned our mud room, which is where our cats living quarters are, he has vacuumed under our living room furniture, he has been to the store for groceries, and brought dinner so I didn’t have to cook.  Every day he has “made me a place”. He puts the heater in front of the couch, sets up the TV, puts the trash can and tissues next to the couch, he makes sure I have everything I need to be comfortable and then if he’s not in the room with me, he comes and checks on me every 30 minutes or so.  I’ve been married twice and I don’t recall either one of them doing much at all for me when I had a cold…oh well, that was then.  I am just so extremely fortunate to have him.

I hope to be feeling better in the next few days.  Hope everyone else is doing well and anticipating spring as much as I am!




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