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Just Another Charity Case

I’ve wanted to write but it’s difficult to formulate a complete thought with everyone home and everyone’s been home since Friday.

We celebrated my better half’s birthday, but it wasn’t much of a celebration considering a couple of us are still nursing broken hearts after the loss of our beloved hamster.  I have to admit, this loss has been rough on me as I really believe it was preventable.  I’m still having trouble digesting it, but slowly it’s becoming more bearable.

In December, S. MADE taggie blankets with her own hands and resources, she collected books, DVD’s, some toys and I managed to find some brand new stuffed animals around the house.  We decided that we were going to take them all to Riley Hospital for the kids at Christmas.  Time flew by so quickly that we didn’t make it there by Christmas but we decided to finally take it all Friday morning.

Can I say I am just so disappointed.  I realize that you don’t contribute, donate or volunteer for the recognition.  I have tried to teach my children to expect nothing in return as you do it out of love and self gratification.  The gift you receive comes from within and I do believe that.  However, I do think that acknowledging children’s efforts and possibly even listening to a child’s story can leave a lasting impression on them.  Thanking them for taking time out of their lives for others less fortunate is important.  They will be the ones that will either continue to help or only do for themselves.  I believe the more positive reactions they receive will help enforce that they continue to make others needs as important as their own.

Here’s what happened.  S. and I walked into the hospital, there was no one at the reception desk.  We saw plenty of people with ID tags walking around, but not a one spoke although we stood there for a few minutes.  We walked to the gift shop and I explained to the woman behind the counter the situation, the first thing she could think to ask was were the items new?  S. had printed their requirements for donations and we had followed that.

She asked if we could bring the box in and put it behind the counter and she’d call someone to come pick it up.  As we went back in, there were people checking out and there wasn’t much room.  The girls and I waited patiently for them to finish their transactions, then the girls took the box and put it next to the counter.  Apparently, I looked at the woman behind the counter and said thank you.  Then she said thank you and we walked out.  We got in the car and the girls said, “Why did you say thank you?  We’re the ones that donated.  She should have been thanking us.”  And ya know, they are right.  I don’t actually remember saying thank you, but I’m sure I did because they called me on it.  I probably said it in hopes that the lady that received the box, would look at the two children that collected, made and carried the box full of items for children less fortunate than themselves, with a warm and genuine smile and thank them for giving of themselves.  And maybe even encourage them to make, collect and donate more.  Maybe it’s me and maybe I’m selfish to think this way, but you know what, I really don’t care.  A genuine thank you goes a long way.



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