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The Calm

I’ve spent about three hours on the computer this morning – doing nothing.  Poking around, seeing what I’ve missed since before Christmas.  I can assure you, it’s not much.  The internet is kinda like a soap opera, you can view it once a year and you’ll still be able to follow along.  Which I suppose is a good thing, I hate to miss stuff!

Now that the holidays have ended, all the decorations are put in their respective spots and the house has been “spring cleaned”, it’s time to get back to this losing weight battle thingy I was doing.  I have been on a plateau for a few months prior to Christmas, so – being the cunning person I am, I figured I’d trick my body into losing weight.  I consumed enough food, pretty much every day for two weeks, to feed a party of five, which resulted in a 10 lb. holiday weight gain.  Technically, my body decided to turn the tables and trick me – into thinking I could lose it in a snap.  Oh not so oh wise one, not so fast…  My goal was to lose this last 20 – 23 pounds by February 26, 2016.  Well, it’s now 33.1 pounds and from doing some figuring, my target date has now been moved to the end of APRIL or MAY!  I did it to myself, I might as well suck it up and move on.

Today will be the first time I’ve exercised in about two months.  Ever since my shoulder (neck, arm, elbow, wrist) started bothering me, I haven’t wanted to hurt myself even more (excuse) but since I’ve been moving 8 foot trees around and hauling boxes up and down steps for a month, that really doesn’t hold water.

I just started and joined some Fitbit Challenges, I’m hoping to get in there and rack up some steps.  I’m also desperately hunting to locate that motivation that keeps me out of the kitchen and focused on losing this last 33.1 lbs.

I have about 7,000 steps so far.  I wound up doing a combination of three 20 minute 1 mile videos for a total of a hour workout, burning 217 calories. It certainly wasn’t my best, but it was terrific for starting out again!


To support today’s workout, I ate a little tuna salad for lunch,a little spinach, tomato, yellow pepper, onions, about a 1/4 c. tuna and my two favorite salad additions, Opa Blue Cheese dressing and Fresh Express Lightly Salted Crispy Onions…oh yum!  They’re way – way – way better than the Durkee brand – just my opinion of course!  I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish out the day “on board”.  Wish me luck!



A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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