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The End of the Line

This is where it ends.  The all you can eat holiday buffet is over and it’s back to reality…thank Heavens.  I’m getting way too old to keep this pace with cooking and eating all this garbage that doubles as food!  Burger King, cream sauces, sugary desserts with every meal, it’s been a ridiculous but delicious couple months, but the holidays are officially over and I need – I must – get back on track.  I won’t reach my goal, but that’s ok.  I’m a work in progress and my goals are my own…

Today the better half and I hit the grocery store, not once but twice simply to buy food to cook in the Go Wise USA air fryer that I was given for Christmas!

Suffice it to say this thing is fairly awesome.  Love the cleanup and the fact there’s not a huge oil spill in the kitchen is just wonderful!!  I made chicken fries, French fries and chicken wings in it today and they all came out perfectly!  Just amazing!!  I haven’t eaten this much fried food in two years!!

I also searched and hunted for a recipe so I could use the leftover vanilla pastry cream and found a recipe for Boston creme doughnuts.  I can’t say I was too thrilled about frying the biscuits, but the creme and the chocolate ganache S. whipped up was to die for!!

Finished almost all of those, which is good because everything that doesn’t fit in my diet plan will be intimate with our garbage can very soon!!

We sat down tonight with our chicken wings and our doughnuts and watched War Room. I really enjoy those movies, they just stir something inside you that make you want to be a better person.  Uplifting to say the least – a little spiritual pick-me-up!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow – another new beginning to be better than I was today.



A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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