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Welcome to 2016!


Our Christmas was yesterday since the girls were gone for the real Christmas.  We made them wait till we could all be together.  We combined Christmas & New Year’s dinners, had family over, opened gifts and somewhat reflected on the last year.  Ok, me – not really because I basically cooked and cleaned all day long.  I’m not complaining by any means because I loved every minute of it, it makes me feel quite productive.  Plus they say food equals love, so it was a day filled with love – fattening, buttery and sugary ladened love!


We had our traditional prime rib with balsamic mushrooms with bernaise sauce, mashed potatoes with green onions & cheese (I was too lazy to fry bacon), momma made the black eyed peas, collard/turnip greens and I made some cornbread. For dessert I made rugelah, banana spilt trifle and homemade cream puffs!  Man I love those things!!  I did well, I managed to eat only 3 so I wouldn’t seem like a complete pig!


We opened gifts after dinner.  I received the most wonderful homemade gifts from the girls – a taggie pillow and a painted silhouette of a bird on a branch.  (I had to beg for that one, but I won.  LOL)  The better half had me loads of surprises, even though we’d already had our Christmas!!  An air fryer, my snoopy sheets, my konmari tidy up book I wanted, my 21 day fix stuff!  So exciting!!  Can’t wait to use it all!

Enjoyed having the in-laws over, they’re always fun.  It was a lovely beginning to a brand new year.  I am truly blessed.



A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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