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Decided to cut the crap and head over to the clinic for this pain in my shoulder.  The spasm part is the worst, it’s like having one of those annoying eye twitches, all down your left side.  Ugh.


(The Dr. came in while I was typing that paragraph.)  He did a couple reflex tests, you know – those icky kinds where they hit your knee with that little rubber hammer thing that makes your leg jump…yeah.  He thumped my left wrist and I jumped about 2″ off the table.  He informed me then that I am officially suffering from a radiculopathy. (Sounds like ridicule opathy)  The nerve from my neck is inflamed and that affects my entire upper left side from my neck to my wrist.  “Armed” with that bit of information, he handed me a prescription for steroids for the inflammation and a muscle relaxer so I could sleep.  Good enough, least I know it’s not my heart or anything too serious.

Ran around like a crazy person trying to finish everything that was on my list before heading home to cook dinner.  Managed to hit most of my stores and grabbed some great sale prices!  I picked up some hamburger meat from the really over priced, but better tasting, healthier meat market, some buns & tater tots from Wal-Mart and managed to get myself to the drug store to fill my prescriptions…all before anyone arrived home!

Once home, the girls and I had a lovely conversation about teen pregnancy, birth control and abortion.  I had 2 glasses of wine and ate a couple muscle relaxers.  No advent was attempted, I was simply happy to lie down.




A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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