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Homemade Hot Chocolate

The discovery on December 2nd, was that my family is “on the fence” concerning hot chocolate.  Is it that Nestle’s has simply become the norm?  The advent read as follows:

I used The Pioneer Woman’s Hot Chocolate recipe and whipped us up some delicious homemade hot chocolate, that I served in the mugs I picked up today at Kohl’s.  I even splurged and bought marshmallows of every kind, peppermint patties, mini candy canes, whipped cream AND served it all up like you’d see on a blog!!  The youngest sucked hers down like the sugar champ she is, piled high with whipped cream.  The oldest threw in some marshmallows and called it good.  She drank about 1/3 of it and declared “it’s good, it’s just…sweet and too much”.  The better half took a couple sips, also declared its deliciousness but declined the rest of the cup.

I, on the other hand, drank it down, savoring every warm chocolatey sip and then immediately regretted every wayward calorie.  Aside from that, my opinion?  Deliciousness only made better with whipped cream and marshmallows!!  Thanks Pioneer Woman!!

The girl’s were also asked to call someone they love…one called me, but they both called their dad.  All in all, I think it was successful, they both seemed happy.




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