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Waging War 

So yesterday was December 1st.  I’m usually already working on the last minute stuff by now but this year I’ve been slower than usual to start.  My shoulder has been bothering me, spasms and just that dull ache I can’t seem to shake, and I’m just really feeling lazy I guess.  There are just things I’d rather be doing besides the Christmas “routine” I wind up doing every year.  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with my “routine” other than its super time consuming!  I have about 15 large cardboard boxes packed full of ornaments that I hand wrap, two large trees, one slim tree and a couple miscellaneous trees that I decorate with said ornaments.  I also have a mantle full of Santa’s that are wrapped with care every year.  I love unwrapping all the Christmas decorations, the memories that some of them hold are wonderful, others not so much, but they all are my memories, good bad or indifferent, still all mine.  So when I unwrap an ornament, it’s like unwrapping a piece of my mind.  Peeling open that tissue and peering inside, wishing and hoping to be reminded of a happy time.  I love Christmastime and this year has been no exception.

Back to where this story was heading.  Ever since the girls were little itty bitty things we’ve always done an advent calendar – a count down to the big C!  Most years I’ve purchased some of those crappy little trinkets from Oriental Trading, or bought a bag of candy but this year, I wanted to do things a little differently.  I decided that along with whatever gift, idea or thing they receive, they must also give.

Yesterday’s note said “Wage a War and do something nice for one another.”  I purchased a container of snowballs for them and told them to have at it…in the basement.  The screeching and laughter told me I’d made a good choice!!  Next thing I knew they were juggling with them!  They both did something nice for the other (one put the other ones dishes in the dishwasher and the other one gave the other a ‘sip’ of her water, lol – glad they weren’t in a desert – she may not have made it.  And baby steps, things like this don’t happen over night, being a giver is something you have to practice.)  I am going to do my best to post each day until Christmas at least.  These are gonna be memories worth unwrapping!



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