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We walked into Jared, our go to place for jewelry around here. I asked to speak to someone that could help us custom design an engagement ring, Jessica said she could help. I described, in extremely vague terms, the idea of what I thought I wanted – traditional, antique, not too flashy but more flashy than a solitaire.

She showed us some options (the middle one was the one I was leaning towards) and we began to build. She came back with a drawing, then she took the information back to “plug it in” to the computer to generate a price. We wandered around looking excitedly into the cases, then – oooo – black diamonds! They match “the promise”. We ask to see it, it’s gorgeous – it’s the one. With a slight modification, trade the four center diamonds and voila! We have the engagement ring!  I just love the black diamonds! So – piratey!! Is there such a word? I dunno, but it goes with the summer Tybee theme!

We’re sitting while they calculate and he spies a “wrap”. Hmm, look at that! Can we see that? Absolutely. I put it on my pinkie with the chosen engagement ring. His exact quote of approval “that’s badass”. Tiffany says the “wrap” will double as the wedding ring.

So in one fell swoop, from 10:30 until 11:45, we made some major life altering decisions. #1. To officially become engaged, #2. We picked an engagement ring AND a wedding ring (and I did spy a ring or two I liked for him), #3. We decided to alter the family jewels and #4. he spent some buckolies!  So – yikes! I should feel heady. “Aren’t you excited?!”, asked Tiffany standing behind the counter.

Well sure, but this ain’t my first rodeo. I will say that at 40+ years old, I do think it’s pretty “badass”.



A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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