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Mom of the Year? Uhhh, no.


I saw this post on Facebook today and although I had a bit of a different take, the general sentiment was the same.  It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one.

I must say, I have to agree with Paula Bolyard when she writes: “…I realize that families are under siege in cities like Baltimore and there are few things harder than being a single mother raising a teenage boy in the inner city. Good parenting doesn’t come naturally and parents who didn’t have good role models growing up have few tools at their disposal. I suspect Toya Graham is doing the best she can in a really tough situation and she was probably terrified to see her son out in the street, knowing all too well what might happen to him. Her reaction is perfectly understandable. I’m not passing judgment on her — I haven’t walked in her shoes and I don’t know anything about her life save for a minute-long YouTube video. I’m just saying we shouldn’t be celebrating a parent losing her cool with her kid and the incident most certainly shouldn’t be propped up as the model of great parenting.”  

Yes, exactly.  I am certainly not passing judgement here either, I can only imagine what my feelings would be if I were in Ms. Graham’s situation.  I think she should be commended for caring and taking steps to fix one situation, but for her handling it and the public’s reaction to it, uh, not so much.  

One thing that no one seems to be considering is the original reason we now even know Ms. Graham, respect for the human race perhaps?  It’s fine and even commended, for a mother to slap her child in front of millions of people, but anger erupts at even the thought of a young man supposedly abused by the hands of others?  Does anyone see the correlation?

You know the metaphor about broken windows?  If you have an abandoned building and one window is broken by a throw of a rock, and no one fixes it, more than likely there will be more rocks thrown and more broken windows, because if you don’t care why should they?  Same with children.  You must take care and fix the window as to promote care and concern, not more destruction.



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