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The P.O.S. Collection

This has been a hot topic all weekend and I, of course, just had to get in on it.  I have absolutely NO idea what’s wrong with people.  Who, in their right mind, thinks that THIS – any of this – is OK??  What type of person must you be?

First off, senseless killing, maiming or injuring of any type of animal should be illegal – period.  Whoever or wherever you are.  I could care less if it’s a common tree squirrel or an endangered rhino, if you hurt it or kill it – unless of course it’s an immediate threat to your well being – like you could DIE – then you should suffer the same fate as the animal you have injured or killed.  That should cut down on hunting some.  Swipe the weapon from you, hand it to the next guy in line and say, “good luck – hope you can run fast!”

I had a Facebook conversation with this moron about how big game hunting is big business and that I don’t understand and my head is in the sand and blah blah blah, but the fact is because it’s ok in Africa (and it’s NOT) and simply because it generates money (as I pointed out, so does drug dealing) does not make it A.O.K.  It just doesn’t make it ok.  It’s not ok to kill defenseless animals.  It’s not ok to not feed them or abuse them or chain them in your yard or torture them or sacrifice them.  If you think that it is ok to do those things, then you need to study the background of serial killers.  You need to be under observation and constant supervision, because there’s something wrong with you.

It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to pass a farm that’s all muddy with sickly, emaciated horses standing around looking like they’d rather be dead.  It makes me sick to see a dog chained up or penned in a tiny pen…what is the point of this?  Why would you have an animal to put it in a pen or tie it to a tree?  Please tell me, what is the point of owning the animal?

Where is the compassion, the sensibility and sensitivity to living things?  The FB moron that I had the conversation with said, “so a human life is less important than an animal’s life” – that wasn’t directed at me, but I’m here to tell you, it depends on the animal and it depends on the human.  And yes, some animals are more important than humans, just all depends on the person and the animal in question.

That “thing” that shot the cat in the head with a bow & arrow and declared she was awesome.  Well, I’m gonna guess no one but psychotic assholes think she’s awesome.  And I’m praying that she will NEVER have the opportunity to touch another animal EVER.  The United States needs to lay the groundwork for other countries instead of saying “oh yeah, good job on killing that beautiful animal for NO reason”.

I would love to have someone give a reasonable explanation for killing animals, one that really makes sense and is logical in its explanation.  Clubbing seals because a coat needs to be made for Macy’s window is NOT a good reason, generating money for kids to go to school is NOT a good reason, because you can is NOT a good reason.

Here are the only good reasons that I could possibly think of:

  • the animal is a threat to the welfare of people
  • the animal is sick or injured and suffering
  • the animal will be used by those less fortunate for food or clothing

I have plenty of experience with animals and with the death of animals, some of my experiences are probably the reason that I feel so passionate about this.

I suppose I am happy about these people starting a shitstorm on the Internet.  It just goes to show that I’m not too far off my mark.  Good people don’t like people like this, good people don’t like murderers.  I only hope that each and every time some dumbass does this to an animal, they post it online and we all band together and come after them.  They should be the ones being hunted.  Get off our planet, we don’t want you here.



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