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The Fleecing of America

So what happens when you order a package and you PAY for it to be delivered priority overnight to arrive on a Saturday and it doesn’t show up until Monday morning?  You call them and ask for a refund, because otherwise, do you know what’s happened?  They’ve stolen money – from you.  Easy as pie!!

After a phone call lasting 9 minutes and 55 seconds, I received confirmation from a lovely lady in India (I’m almost positive) that she refunded not only the complete shipping amount of $22.87 back to my BH’s credit card, but threw in an extra .13 cents for good measure.  You know why she did that?  To make me “believe” that I’ve done something, fixed the issue, to appease me, truth is they’d do it all over again in a minute and never blink an eye.  If they’re screwing people out of $22.87 per nondelivery or let’s even say only half of that $11.44 per nondelivery, that’s a pretty good return on a .13 investment.  Yessiree.  I wanna do business like that!  I’d be a bazillionaire by now!

I wonder exactly how much extra money I’d have if I stopped the b.s. each and every time and actually pinned businesses down to what they should have a responsibility to do.  All I’m really asking is, how about do what you say you’ll do, how about let’s just start with the basics.  If you advertise it and you expect to be paid for it, you should do it – and if you don’t, without being asked, fix it – refund it – address it.  I know people will say, “but that’s impossible”, it’s not nor should it be ever considered to be impossible to do the right thing.  Businesses should be held to that.  We make them and break them.  They should make it part of their job to know; like quality control, or customer service – those things that made businesses worth using back in the day. You know, the services that have somehow made their way to the bottom of the totem pole nowadays.  I can guarantee that businesses make sure that all credit card payments go through or that all checks clear, they have all their checklists and software programs and extra people on it to make sure that those things happen before they’re screwed out of anything!

My point is this, people work too damn hard for their money to be so easily ripped from their hands and not returned if the terms are not met.  Businesses should have a responsibility to their customers to make sure that things like this don’t happen.  It’s wrong.

And thankfully I’m not the only one that thinks so.



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