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F*** You Insurance


I’m sure that there are stories like mine all over the place, but since this is mine and it has finally – today – taken it’s toll, I want to tell you about it. I hate insurance and I hate anyone that thinks it’s a good idea. It’s not. Let me share:

My ex and I are divorced, he lives in one state and I in another. He pays, every couple weeks, money out of his paycheck for insurance for our 2 children. I have custody of said children and I have found them a doctor that they like and that I believed, up until recently, took the ex’s insurance.

I have been battling it out with them for the last couple months because insurance did not cover our children’s last physical exams and vaccinations and I couldn’t figure out why. For the last two months, he and I both have been on the phone with the doctor’s office, with the insurance company and reluctantly for me, with each other. Today I called his insurance company to find out what plan he has – just the name of it. After numerous attempts, I finally have my question answered by a woman that surely didn’t deserve my quick pulsed attitude, but hey…I have to take it out on someone. (Her fault for working for a shitty company anyway.) I finally find out the answer to my question and then low & behold – where I live – a populated area outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, there is NO network, at least for 70 miles!! Not even an urgent care. What??? Seriously?

So here’s the problem with that bit of information the way I see it…
#1. Insurance rendered no good because of where I live (I do not live in an unpopulated rural town in the middle of forgotten roads and forestry aka Bumf**k).
#2. If my children are sick, I have no recourse other than an emergency room visit because “there is no network where you live”.
#3. My ex husband (no matter what I feel about him personally) should not be paying for something that is of no use! Someone should have said, “hey, jackass, this doesn’t cover your kids that live out of state…so find something that does or stop paying it”. It’s robbery – plain and simple – and it’s wrong – it was wrong for him and it’s wrong for big business like insurance.

Let me get this out there too. Insurance should be permanent – like grandfathered and rules should be allowed to be changed constantly. If you pick a physician because they are good, you meld with them and you like their services, then no matter what, your insurance should cover them. Period. This whole, find a doctor in network that takes your plan, that jumps through hoops for us, that pays us billions of dollars and doesn’t know your name and you love them, then the next year, Ooops…not in network, doesn’t take your plan anymore, stopped paying us billions, now you gotta find a new one. Until that shit stops, this bizarre mess of acceptable nonsense will continue. Sad and ridiculous for supposed intelligence.

What happened to; find a doctor, one that you like, with a good bedside manner, one that fits you and develops a rapport with you and knows your history and knows you when they see you on the street, knows your children, knows your spouse, greets you with a hug and will be at your bedside if you need them should something tragic happen? Now, you’re damn lucky if they know anything about you or even if they look you in the eye since they all now stare at computer screens. “Hey you – number 13247435900 – Fill out this ass load of paperwork, wait ridiculously long periods of time, doctor rushes in to run through this gamut of questions, you rush to pay your co-payment, you leave – then the real bill comes of what your bastardization of a medical plan doesn’t cover! No personalization what – so – ever – and sometimes nowadays, they don’t even get the name on your bill correct! Oh America – you’re a hoot!

P.S. I’ve unallowed comments on this post…cuz right now, I don’t give a shit what the pluses are.



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