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My Good Intentions 

Spring cleaning has always been a big deal for me.  I enjoy touching all the thing I’ve purchased with the intent to do fabulous things with, but just don’t ever seem to find the time (lie).

Yesterday while cleaning out my laundry room – slash – office, I found copious amounts of CD/DVD making materials.  I listed all of my findings on a Facebook flea market page for almost nothing.  Like $10 for an unused, $150-$180 dollar item that never saw the light of day outside the cabinet it’s been stored in…oh, no, that’s a lie.  It moved 598 miles with me, over a quarter of the way across the United States to be put in a cabinet, to wait.  For what?  Oh that’s right, me to use it!

Don’t they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I have found that for myself, the road to creativity is paved with the same.  I have artistic, excited, real good intentions each and every time I purchase something.  “Ooo, those mushrooms look good!  They’ll make beautiful mushroom soup!”  A week later, there I am, refrigerator doors open, hands on both handles looking like I’m ready to take on the world, eyes focusing on that pretty blue container that used to contain beautiful fresh mushrooms, now looking like something the dog found in the yard to roll in.

Ooo, I love these cool plastic Tupperware containers, they’ll make my food prep so easy!  Purchased 5 said containers, now must find one more so I have even amount.  Must be purple since I have two white, two green and one purple, they have to have a mate, right?! (What?  I do not display any OCD qualities, thank you very much!)  Search is on.  For three days, MBH searches high and low, finally finds said container.  Ahhhh, matching sets, yay!!  Reads on Internet – fruit should not be prepped until you’re ready to eat it.  Tupperware set of 6, now rendered useless.  That’s right!  In a matter of seconds, all that intention…gone.

It’s pretty embarrassing actually, how many times I’ve said, “oh yeah, if you buy that cookbook for me, I’ll cook you some meals out of it!  When I say it, I mean it, but I look at the pictures and boom, it’s like I lose all interest or I just quickly find that next thing to focus on.  I wonder what that is?  Books, crafting materials, picture frames, cookbooks, time just slides on by and here I am wondering what would happen if I really used all the things I’ve purchased, and used them for their actual intended purpose too, not just like, ya know, the treadmill as a thing to hang clothes prior to wearing them.  This year my youngest daughter will be 13.  I keep telling myself I need to fill in her baby book, I mean I bought it before she was born.  When I bought it I had good intentions…



A work in progress, always trying to better myself and find my purpose.


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